Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under the Southern Stars

Here is my Under the Southern Stars Bom finished!! Yippie, I am pretty pleased with how this has turned out. This is a design by Sue Daley and I had the lovely 'job' of making this as a sample for The Country Yard . I took my time choosing a suitable quilting design and I'm pleased I did, true to my like of lots of quilting.

Here is what I did for the centre, a mock trapunto, look and afterwards I thought I could have done some trapunto, but it was one of those quilts that I really had no ideas forming in my mind, until I started quilting then it just grew.To do trapunto you need to have most of your quilting ideas in place before you tack the quilt stress as either way 'planned' or 'unplanned' the quilt tells you how it wants to look!

A wee close up here of a design that fitted well into this area, again a mock trapunto look.
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  1. This looks just as lovely in real life!! Well done Leeanne!!

  2. This has turned out beautifully, you should be very proud!

  3. I thought it was lovely when i was out at the country yard the other day, but I forgot to tell you!(you were out of the shop when I was checking out the incredible quilting)I would love to be able to quilt as well as you. Maybe one day if I keep on practising

  4. Thankyou, Raewyn, Mereth and Leeann for your kind comments.

  5. Your quilt is stunning! - I really love the quilting designs you have chosen. Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful quilt, I have just been admiring this quilt on the Australian Quilters Companion dvd that has Sue paper pieicng on it, with this quilt in the background....
    beautiful quilting work on it; stunning!

  7. Just beautiful Leeanne...You did such beautiful work on the quilting, that is where I'll get stuck .
    An award quilt I'm sure!
    Julia ♥