Let Me Quilt for You

The most cost and time effective way to complete your quilt is edge to edge quilting ( E2E) , also known as all over or pantograph.  This type of quilting works well for many styles of quilts, especially ones that have simple piecing and are going to be used and washed regularly and hopefully loved by the grandkids, neighbours and friends. An E2E design stitches over any piecing and/ or applique. There is no stitch in the ditch or separate block or border designs.
I have a huge selection of E2E quilting designs.

Custom quilting comes into action with such quilts as samplers, block by block (Block of the Months) and stitchery quilts. These have all taken more time and care to make. These quilts need to really shine! Maybe this quilt is intended for a wedding, an anniversary, welcoming a special new baby.
Quilting in the ditch and special designs will really make these quilts into heirlooms. The saying goes: “Quilting makes the quilt.”

I offer what I call a 'Full Quiltmekiwi Service' where not only will I quilt your quilt to your liking, I can also make and attach the binding to the back and top stitch to the front or attach to front ready for you to hand stitch to the back. 

A few tips before sending your quilt to me.
A square quilt is a happy quilt.
Please measure your quilt before adding sashing and borders and cut to these measurements, wavy quilts are often impossible to 'quilt out'! Please see the links for great tips on how to attach sashings and  borders.
Quiltfabrication Borders
Trim all threads, you don't want any dark threads lurking around,    these are especially visible under light fabrics.
If the edges of your quilt are pieced - please baste to stop the seams coming undone with handling.
Pieced backings: remove selvedges on any seams, (selvedges on the outer edges can remain as these give me a straight edge) 1/2” seam and press OPEN. Backing & batting (which I can supply if you wish) needs to be a MINIMUM of 5" larger on ALL four sides than the quilt topPlease NO CALICO for backings.

As each quilt is unique, so also is the price! Please contact me for an obligation free quote.

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  1. Hi Leanne I have given your name to two friends from invercargill they may be in touch about costing and courier costs from your neck of the woods