Saturday, October 2, 2010

Farewell Frosty................

Here she is, the lucky last!
Now to put them together?????
I don't think I will put them together as Dawn has, something a bit different....just had Christmas coming to mind and once again another year of not having a box of goodies made!

Oh what is this????
Just playing with some thread here, isn't it nice the way it sparkles in the sun. I've been quilting all day today, well apart from hanging out washing, getting washing in, feeding our wee sweet pussy cat and feeding me.....not only did the sun shine on this thread, but it was shinning on my back while quilting, very nice indeed :-)


  1. I agree, it's been a lovely day. Wondered what you would get up to this weekend ;-) The sparkly thread is lovely - looks like you are having fun playing.... now I'm sure I have seen that fabric somewhere before...!!!

  2. Talk about sneek peeks ... looking lovely!! Wasn't it a beauty day today, maybe we will see summer after all??