Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas presents

Sue is a beginner to the patchwork world and I have been lucky enough to have her tops to quilt.The reason I say lucky is she does such neat work.
Here is what I did, Sue saw this in a book and thought it would look nice on this quilt...she was right!Very simple but most effective, just 1/2" straight stitching from the seam, no marking.i used a navy Maderia Polyneon thread...just one of mt favourite threads to use.

This is the other quilt sue gave me.All Bali's, cute pinwheels.Sue just wanted a all over loose stipple.I used a Poly Sheen Multi by Mettler.

Someone in Sue's family is going to be happy this Christmas.

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  1. Looks like VERY nice work from a beginner. Sue was right about the quilting - perfect for the quilt :)