Thursday, December 9, 2010

Favourite things

Here is one of my favourite things....this is my Row I did for our Round robin group...(I think I like plaids!)
These wee houses are paper pieced and I got the patterns from "Down in the Valley" by Cori Derksen and Myra Harder. The entire book is all paper pieced houses. I bought this book off TradeMe for $10!
Please click on the photo so you can see the tiny pieces.

In January our group of 12  creative quilters got together with our finished Row (so that's mine in the first photo), fabrics, notebook with what would would like, measurements etc, popped the lot in a bag and swapped with another in the group...and once each month we would meet and do another swap.Until there was no more swapping to do! Monday night we got our bag back....these are all my rows laid out.
Aren't they cute??
Now I have the task of deciding how to piece this wall hanging. I might pick out a fabric for a sashing, maybe a fairly plain ,dark fabric then do a scrappy border, any suggestions?


  1. Hi Leeanne, I hope you are pleased with this, as we all enjoyed working on it so much - yours was a fun theme to work with.

  2. Hi Leeanne, your houses are so cute, and i love the row of chooks at the bottom. Any ideas how you will quilt it?

  3. Well Farm Girl, not sure how I will quilt it...I need to sort how to put together, then when I do that I might get ideas as to how to quilt it.Thank you for visiting...shame I can't offer you a cuppa!

  4. Awesome eh !! Can't wait to see it quilted - after Christmas maybe ??