Wednesday, January 12, 2011

run to the table!!!

My table runner finished!!
This pattern is a Sue Daley design that I got from the Australian Homespun magazine.
The flowers are English paper pieced, then I did very simple quilting, I love the reproduction look.
Some time back I did this quilt , also from Sue and English paper pieced...I love the peaceful process.

It is a nice feeling to be getting some of my projects that have been sitting around for a while, finished!


  1. Oh that's lovely Leeanne. I am about to attempt paper piecing for the first time with my Leeanne Beasley quilt. Any tips?

  2. well Deb if you look to the left 'INTERESTING TECHNIQUES' you will see a link to Sue Daley's blog and a demo of how she paper pieces.I use to thread baste until I used the Sewline Glue pen, much quicker, but if you aren't in a rush, then thread baste.I use Auriful 50wt grey thread for my whip stitching together, and a straw needle size 10 or 11.I hope this helps?

  3. This is just fabulous, Leeanne!!! Perfect for your weather in the Southern Hemisphere. It is bitterly cold where I am at.

  4. Simply gorgeous ... you must be feeling good about getting some of your projects finished, wish I could say the same. It is utter chaos around here and unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better!!

  5. oh Yes! This is on my wishlist too! You've done a lovely job - it's gorgeous.