Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something new and something new!!!

This is such a sweet simple design in fresh modern fabrics.
I did a flower and leaf all over design on the large runs of fabric and for the pieced sections (they look a bit like piano keys) I did straight line quilting using a teal rayon thread .

This is a new range of fabric available at my favourite quilt shop , which incidentally is under going a make over. 
If you can make it along to the shop on the 17th February we are having a "Hat's n' Heels" themed party for our New Years launch, this is a good chance to see new samples, class lists, new fabrics,patterns etc and of course the new look shop!


  1. lovely fabric indeed, and the quilting looks great too!!

  2. grrrr why do you have to be so far away? I could do with a good hats n heels party xxx

  3. Hi,

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment about the adorable little pigs. I wish I could afford a couple but am currently overrun with cats!

    That fabric is beautiful. I love most anything with birds, feathers, trees or leaves so will be adding this to my wish list. :)

    I'll be visiting you again!

  4. hey this turned out great!! I had a sneak peak at THE shop the other day----awesome!!

  5. Wow that quilt is stunning, I love those birds - Beautiful! Have fun at your party - wish I could be there too.

  6. Love it!!! Some fabrics deserve the stage all to themselves and this is one of them! :-)

  7. the fabric is stunning..... am loving reading you...