Thursday, February 3, 2011

"From Rags to Riches"

My husband's niece came to visit for a couple of days because she wanted to make a quilt.

I cut out 36 x  8" squares of 3 different flannels for the front and 36 x 8" squares of cotton for the back and 36 x  7" squares of cotton batting and that was all I did, she chose the thread and did all the sewing and clipping, not bad for her first quilt.
I did get a few heavy sighs when she was doing the clipping, but I think is is proud to say she made this quilt.

this quilt was made the same way


  1. I think anyone who has made one of these quilts, does a few heavy sighs when clipping! I helped make one for a raffle once. My hand was so sore, and I only clipped a few blocks! Good on you for encouraging sewing.

  2. So worth a few heavy sighs! What a lovely Aunty you are. Thanks for visitting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. i always look forward to seeing what you think. You always have something to say worth thinking about.

  3. I bet she was totally proud of herself, good on you for being such a good aunty!!

  4. What a wonderful achievment...well worth those sighs :)

  5. What an adorable quilt!!! Your niece did a great job.