Friday, April 1, 2011

Lynette Anderson

The facts about this quilt, to the best of my knowledge
Pattern - Lynette Anderson - 'Snowball Fun'
Fabric - Lynette's new Christmas range
Batting - Bamboo
Backing - pieced, Lynette's fabrics
Threads -Aurifil,Madeira Poly Neon, Signature Variegated,Serifil.
Embroidery Threads- Cosmo
Maker -Lynette Anderson
Quilter - Me

Look at this cute female snowman....can you say that?
I love the way Lynette has done her snow on photo for a closeup.....

Oh dear! You can tell computer work isn't my first love...sorry about that.
Snowman Santa is decorating his tree, there is satin stitching, wool felt, blanket stitch, needleturn, running stitch, which are signs that this is designed by Lynette.

ARRRG!!!......What is going on here? Just pretend they are the right way, or tilt your computer!

"Riding in a one horse open sleigh "
It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Because this quilt is called "Snowball Fun" I wanted to do some snowballs, so around each block I did tiny snowballs AKA flower seeds, pearls, beads, pebbles etc...
I carried these out to the scalloped border.

Lynette gave me me complete freedom on this beautiful quilt to which I thank her very much.


  1. This is REALLY beautiful LeeAnne The quilting tells a story in itself

  2. Beautiful! i really love the snowman Santa in his shorts. lol The whole quilt is stunning, and your quilting finishes it beautifully.

  3. What an adorable quilt. I am jealous you got to quilt for Lynette Anderson! Hahaha. What an honor.

  4. It's Christmas already? I can't wait for it!

  5. So beautiful... I love everything about it... as a learner quilter I had to look at all the pictures close up... love the snowball affect and the pebbles round the stitcheries.... lovely
    Thanks for your comment regarding my quilt on Sew Its Finished... my hardest project so far...