Saturday, August 6, 2011

Layer cake quilt

Denise made this quilt at a class at The Country Yard using a layer cake by 3 sisters called 'Oasis' (my photo is sideways....sorry if you have a crooked neck!)

Denise wanted me to keep the quilting simple,so I did a loose stipple using Maderia's variegated rayon thread for the square blocks and circles and the top and bottom border, Denise is going to scallop the bottom border. I also loosely stippled the cream borders using Maderias cream poly neon and for the echo on either side of the jumbo Ric Rac.

For a completely different look using a layer cake and the same pattern go see this I did a while ago


  1. Awwwww those colours are so pretty! Love

  2. Great to see this finished - the red ric-rac sets it off nicely doesn't it? That loose stipple looks good on it :-)