Sunday, September 11, 2011

sewing time for me.....

For some time I have loved the header quilt over at Julie's, one day I will make one from my plaids, but for now I was using my strips from my scraps. This is what I have so far, I will add a plain border then a strippy scrappy border, then back to the plain...I think?

I am making this one for my niece who is turning 21 at the end of the year, I have made her twin brother a quilt too (photo's to come).

I have nearly finished this quilt (scroll down the page to see the strip on the apple tree) but I have been so busy making the above quilt that it has been put aside, I must finish day.

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend and the Rugby world cup! I have watched a couple of games with my son, it will be interesting to see who takes the cup.


  1. I have one of these in my Ufo pile somewhere;oS It looks like you are almost done...I love scrappy quilts.

  2. What gorgeous string blocks!! I just love this quilt already!

  3. Loving string blocks - loving scrappy looking quilts

  4. This is lovely Leeanne - great use of scraps - and I recognise some of those fabrics!! Are you going to do the sashings like Julie's?