Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jelly Roll quilt and Marie Bostwick novel

my shadow!
When Kerry's Mum passed away her children wanted to get her fabric so she could make a quilt in memory of her Mum. So they popped along to The Country Yard as this is Kerry's 'local' . They bought a Jelly roll, sashing fabric and a pattern and gave it their Mum.
Pieced at a retreat last year and given to me before Christmas to quilt.( I had a big back log !)
I finished quilting yesterday and phoned Kerry to tell her her Mum's quilt was finished, turns out it would have been Kerry's Mum's birthday yesterday! I never knew, isn't the world a mysterious place sometimes.
 Kerry wanted me to quilt a similar style as this quilt. Hugs to you Kerry and I hope this quilt gives you warm thoughts of not only your Mum, but your thoughtful children also.

Second book in the series finished! I loved it and now have the third to read.


  1. Kerry has wonderfully thoughtful children-lovely quilt.

  2. Lovely quilting and I checked that series out on our library website and they have it, so I've booked the first one. Cheers for the recommendation!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story!

  4. As one of Kerry's children, thank you very much Leeanne, you have done a wonderful job! Any, what a crazy coincidence that you finished it on Grandma's birthday! Thank you :-)

  5. I love how the Universe just sends the right message at the right time
    Hugs xxx

  6. I know Kerry was thrilled. What a very special quilt, for many reasons.