Friday, August 10, 2012

Lynette Anderson class.

So here are some photo's of the Lynette Anderson workshop I did on Wednesday at Grandmothers Garden in Gordonton.

Some of Lynette's samples she bought with her. see the cushion in the second photo? That goes with the quilt I did for Lynette, remember?

Yes I planned this photo sideways....NOT!!
I also made this cushion too

The class I was part of, was making "Shepherds Cottage Bag".

Lynette showing us her method of needleturn. That is my piece she is demonstrating on........

Sorry Lynette!!! Why the heck does this happen??

 Poor thing has most likely got an ear ache by now from being tipped sideways!!

So that was as far as I got on the day, still a bit of stitching to go, then construction time. I thought my sheep looked like wolf in sheep's clothing!! Because my hill was a fairly dark fabric, Lynette suggested instead of the stitched flowers as shown in the pattern, I might like to do little fabric flowers. Lynette showed me how to cut tiny circle from my chosen fabric, then do several colonial knots to hold in place. Maybe if you click on the photo it will give you more detail.

Of course I haven't finished, I did finish all my hexagons. I promise I will show you when I have finished. I am using the same fabrics as the "Badger Cottage Pencil Case".
Fun class, Lynette is very friendly, helpful & funny! I meet some nice ladies all sharing the same joy of stitching. The team at Grandmothers Garden were helpful & friendly. I nearly had to padlock my handbag closed!


  1. Hi Leanne.. Oh my gosh.. I have been on your blog a number of times. lol I love your work. Your bag is going be gorgeous when it is finished. I had such a great day meeting up with Lynette. It was just so much fun. It was lovely to meet you too.

  2. I was sorry I couldn't make it to the class, but, i am doing one in a couple of weeks with Sue Spargo. I think your sheep are great.

  3. Your sheep and sewing look gorgeous, glad you had a great day. I loved the Thursday workshop too, now just to finish the projects!

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun. I always stop at GG when I travel that way - such a feast for the eyes and soul!

  5. Looking good! Great it went well for you - it's always neat to learn new techniques and tips.

  6. I met Lynette in Amsterdam in The netherlands and we had a great time. I see you did too.

  7. Yes I saw you and Lisa on Lynettes blog, looks like you had a great time! And the projects you made are lovely...:O)

  8. Wat a great workshop! I saw your photo on the blog of Lynette, you're looking good. I like the bag you make very much, and the flowers are cute! I must remember them.
    I hope the birthday of your granddaughter was good, also. A pity for you she lives so far away. I love the NZ photos, sweet memories!
    If you are still with your family, have a great time!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  9. It looked and sounded like such a fun workshop
    I think I know I must go to one of these one day

  10. so pleased you had a fun day Leanne. Great photo of you with Lynette.