Sunday, September 9, 2012

ZigZag Quilt

Another quilt by Marcelle, made for a friend. Marcelle wanted the ditches to be stitched & through the centre of each zigzag row.
A lighter shot........

The pattern for the border I have named " Retro/ Techno Stipple". I'm sure growing up we had some wallpaper in this pattern,  only it was orange!
The backing for the quilt is perfect, pink zigzags!
  Because I use a domestic machine to do my quilting, all the ditch work & straight lines were done using my walking foot. This gives me confidence my stitches will be nice & even. Also when you are in the centre of the quilt, especially on larger quilts, such as this one, it can be tricky to manipulate the quilt to where you want it! (equals sore arms! ). But of course it is quite time consuming, but I think it gives the best results for the way I quilt.

Having said that, I free formed the border pattern..........imagine turning the quilt EVERYTIME I wanted to do a little turn....I think my arms might fall off!


  1. Your poor arms, it sounds very tiring! But worth it because your quilting is beautiful.

  2. What a nice quilt, Leeanne, and what a job to quilt it!
    And the "Angels" is so cute, a great job indeed for both. Very nice!
    Nice your spring has begun, we soon will have autumn, however it is very hot at the moment.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

    Have a nice day, Cisca

  3. Grin I'm sure the same wall paper was on my brother's wall - in brown! The border quilting finishes off the quilt nicely - lovely job both of you!

  4. Ohhhhhhh I am loving this quilt !! !! It may just be the pink

  5. Beautiful work Leeanne. I also like the border.

  6. Glad you still have your arms - needed for more quilts. I guess your work is never 'done'

  7. Hi Leanne! I dropped in today to say hello! I enjoyed your comment on my are so right!