Monday, October 22, 2012

gone to the birds!

Ngaire's been at it again! Busy, busy............................

Ngaire wanted me to quilt the background to look like sky & water....I hope I pulled it off.

This wall hanging was in a New Zealand Quilter magazine issue #79 called 'Stitchbirds' or the Maori name Hihi. Stitchbird is a member of the honey eater family, like two New Zealand honey eater birds the Tui & Bellbird, they feed on a mixture of nectar, fruit & insects.
If you missed the post with Ngaire's Wood Pigeon you can go here
I have a couple of other customer quilts finished, but I can't show you them just yet. Here is a sneaky peak of one I am working on now..............

I hope your week is off to a great start, it was a l~ o~ n~ g weekend here, Friday was teacher only day, then today was Labour day.


  1. Ngaire does such lovely little quilts - and I LOVE how you have quilted them!!

  2. Leeanne you always amaze me you get so much done!!! And the quilting is perfect on the duck quilt...:O)

  3. Hi Leeanne! beautiful the birds in the first did a very nice job! Your background texture in the second quilt is wonderful...and can't wait to see more of the quilt you are working on now!!

  4. Beautiful quilts and quilting. You amaze me too with your gorgeous quilting.

  5. Your quilting is super as always, Leeanne. The water and sky couldn't be better! And what a funny Maori name for the birds: hihi. The sneak peak looks marvellous, too, I'm looking forward to see more.
    Have a happy week, Cisca

  6. The Whio are just gorgeous!! Maybe it's the blue, because I have to confess to being a bit of a blue person. But whatever it is, they are particularly stunning.

  7. The sneaky peak looks interesting and I love the work Ngaire and you do on the bird blocks!!