Friday, February 15, 2013

Making quilts for family.....................

Aside from quilting samples for the shops New Years Launch , which I can't share with you for a few more weeks, I have made two quilts for family members. The first was for one of my sisters.

Now I'm not sure how the 'Quilt Police'  & her deputies feel about me gifting a quilt that I made a couple of years ago? But isn't it the thought that counts?
 I was planning on making my sister a quilt, like I did for my other sister ( see here ).But when I found out it was a birthday that was ending with ' 0 ' I thought, perfect timing to give a quilt!!! Then this one came to mind, it hasn't been used, so I washed it, to freshen it up, put a label on it & a hanging sleeve.
The simple pattern was from a magazine ( sorry can't remember which one! ), I do remember the pattern called for fat 1/8's & simple stitcheries.

The next is made with the recipient in mind, one of my nieces.

the back of the quilt

hanging out in the apple tree

This one is called ....'Jellycake' by Anne Sommerlad from a Australian Country Craft magazine, VOL 21 NO 9 Fabric is 'Petite Odile' from French General. The quilt uses a jelly roll & a layer cake. 



  1. Lucky family members!! I'm sure it is quite OK to gift a quilt that has never 'really' been used - it was obviously resting, waiting for the right moment to come along!
    Neat colours in your niece's quilt! I'm sure both your sister and niece will love their gorgeous quilts.

  2. Sounds like the quilt has found who it is meant to go to. Love the label - I pinned it cos I'm gonna copy it one day Love Leanne

  3. Hi Leeanne, I love both the quilts equally - they are both quite different but beautiful. Love the quilting you have done on them & LOVE the last pic in the apple tree with the shadows falling on it. Happy weekend my friend :-) Julie

  4. Both quilts are beautiful, but that Jellycake really caught my eye! Gorgeous!

  5. Lucky sister and niece. They are both gorgeous quilts Leanne.

  6. Definitely lucky family members, both quilts are beautiful. Love the photo with the apple tree!

  7. Yup I agree with everyone else... lucky girls!

  8. If your sister doesn't think it's kosher then I'll have it ;)
    And anything using French General is a winner in my book - gorgeous!

  9. They are beautiful, I think your sister and niece will be and should be thrilled, they are both wonderful quilts.