Thursday, February 28, 2013

time for some bright & cheery!

Wendy made this quilt for her daughter Charlie, I think this will be fun in a teenage girls room, don't you think?
Wendy trusted me to go ahead & do what I thought best for the quilt.

Using a mix of Gunold & Madeira polyneon threads I hope I have created a funky, whimsical design.

Next Jill made a table runner for me to quilt, this one is pretty but bright & cheery too. Jill is new to quilting & is doing really well learning & picking up all the 'lingo'. As we know there is much to learn & there is always more to learn! Do we ever stop learning?

Hopefully if you click on the photo's you will see the lovely Mettler variegated poly thread used top & bottom. I quilted a looping feather vine ( inspired from a Carla Barrett online class ) & curling ribbon.
I hope everyone's week is going great!


  1. Love your quilt - and Carla's quilt design - as I do the rest of your quilting

    1. Great quilting once again Leeanne and what a lovely quilt for a teenager. Loved Jill's table runner,bet she will be very happy with the finished article

  2. Beautiful quilting on both projects, Leeanne, as usual!!

  3. Lovely projects and as usual Leanne, beautiful quilting.

  4. Loving the looping feather vine. I did an online course with Carla, but had forgotten about that ... thanks for the reminder :)

  5. Charlie and Wendy will love their quilt!!! It certainly is bright and cheery. That looping feather is really lovely too, I'm sure Jill will love it on her runner.

  6. That sure is a beautiful quilt Leeanne ... & I love the work you have done on it - I am sure she will be happy with it, it looks great.
    I love how you have made the blocks kind of "pop out" at you. Julie :-)

  7. A beautiful quilting job once again, I'm sure Charlie loves it, Wendy too for that matter:O)

  8. That's a really lovely quilt top and of course your quilting really finishes it off. I think I'm really attracted to it because they are my sort of colours.

    and aren't stripy bindings the best?!

  9. Your quilting is gorgeous Leeanne, Wendy's quilt is beautiful, how could Charlie not love such a stunner. Jill's work doesn't look like a beginners, it's a lovely runner....