Friday, October 25, 2013

Chateau Hexagon, stories, 1 xmas item & a win

Having a spot of down time meant I got on with another Chateau Hexagon block. These blocks are relatively quick to finish........well so far, maybe I am 'jumping the gun' & speaking too soon :-/
I am enjoying putting a small amount of felted wool in each block.

Can you spot the felted wool?
No doubt you have guessed I use a hoop for my stitching.............I wonder how I guessed you knew??

My quilting hours are pleasantly filled with the sound of someone reading me a story. I really enjoy talking books, as I love to read books, but struggle to fit everything into my day, this is a great way to 'read' a book. I can quilt & 'read' a book. Two things at once......fantastic invention.
I particularly enjoyed "Those Faraday  Girls", a great full story, with many twists & turns. All about a Dad & his five daugthers through the years....................

1 xmas item...........hosted by Narelle..................A Gail Pan design..... I love her stuff!

I used Cottage Garden Thread called 'Waratah' & a Lynette Anderson fabric for the border & binding.

Some weeks back while visiting a most enjoyable blog Brynwood Needleworks I commented on a giveaway Donna was having...........would you believe it.......I WON! look at my lovely prize.

Thank you Donna!


  1. I'm guessing it the birds wings.
    It's look very pretty...and the stitching is perfect.
    I need to try out those talking books, must pay the library a visit.
    Congratulations on your win...
    Julia ♥

  2. Love love love it! I wish I had time to quilt for leisure.:)

  3. Another beautiful block, your colours really are lovely. Your Christmas wallhanging is gorgeous too.

  4. The wings were my guess, as well. I am loving these blocks.
    Gee, I'm not sure how we know you are using a hoop. : )
    What a cute Christmas stitchery!!

  5. Yes, mee too the wings, what a lovely block it is! And the Christmas stitchery is so cute. I really must have a go at your way of reading a book, I noted the "Faraday girls".
    Congrats on winning that wonderful giveaway!

    Have a nice weekend, Cisca

  6. Your blocks are beautiful - yes wings here again too :-) No I would never have guessed you used a hoop!!! I adore your christmas stitchery - that thread is very lovely. I would be most keen to try a talking book while I sew as have never tried them & keep thinking I would spend all my time pressing "pause". Happy weekend to you x0x

  7. Sweet block and love your festive hanger :o)
    I liked listening to books while driving to work but our library only has a small selection.

  8. Ooh just love that chateau hexagon block, how lucky with those goodies, happy stitching

  9. Great to see you steaming on with your CH blocks. Lovely colours/fabrics. Cute Christmas hanging too - I just scrapped in this month with mine!! Congratulations on your win, Donna is a sweetie.

  10. You've done some lovely stitching lately - I like to stitch and listen too. At the moment it's podcasts - BBC documentaries, Quilt Radio by Pat Sloan and some wildlife programs.

    I bid on your auction for Blessing Deb but some people squeezed in there at literally the last minute and outbid me! Congrats to them!

  11. Very cute Xmas Hanging, and love the hanger too :) Nice win :)

  12. Great work - as expected :) I have some 'Monica McInerney' books if you'd like to borrow them - sorry they are not the 'talking' version though... they are the sort that're good for bed :) Cheers