Thursday, December 19, 2013

Customer sampler/round robin quilt

Jacki was part of a round robin group making a quilt designed by 'Janz Designs' ( Janis & Ans) called 'French Connection'. See Kerry's I quilted last year here. Jacki had been collecting fat 1/8th bundles for sometime & thought that this would be a good project to use them up on.

Jacki likes loose quilting, nothing too dense. We used cotton batting & Madeira poly neon threads.
Before I share some of the blocks with you, check out the pieced backing! Jacki loves pieced backings, they sure make for a point of interest.

Some nice big plain blocks to play with my feather wreath stencils.
Because I like some continuity with the blocks on sampler quilts, I just had to add some more feathers.

More feathers anyone???

Thanks Jacki!!

I just wanted to share a cute freebie pattern with you.

I made this for a special friend, hung it on my wall just to look at it & love it so much, I stitched another to keep for myself!!
This is an Anni Downs freebie.( see here for the pattern) Anni's original is made with applique, but I fancied stitching mine. The first I stitched using Cottage Garden Thread, called 'Warratah' the second one I used one called 'Kangaroo Paw', both very similar in colouring. They only took one evening each to stitch. Then I used the fabric I got gifted from Lynette a couple of years back to finish these off. Then bought some lovely wire hangers from my fav quiltshop.

I am hoping to squeeze another customer quilt in before Christmas, as it is needed early next  year......'next year'.......doesn't that sound strange?
Here's hoping you are all well & NOT going crazy with the whole Christmas rush!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the way you have incorporated the feathers into this quilt.
    Very cute little stitchery. I'm pretty sure it would take me several evenings to make one.
    Your comment about "next year" just took me breath away! : )

  2. I agree with Janets comment - the feathers look great Leeanne, especially the feather wreath on the plainer blocks & I love how you have continuity with the feathers. Gosh you sure do churn out some work.
    And that friend that you made the christmas wallhanging for sure is one lucky friend !!!! It is JUST gorgeous, the threads, the fabrics, the hanger .... everything :-) Oh & I love the little tongues on the bottom x0x0

  3. Loving those feathers and the way you've used them in different ways throughout :)

  4. DROOL! Love your work Leeanne - I bet Jacki will be thrilled -

  5. Beautiful quilting Leeanne...loving the feathers.
    Jacki will be rapt for sure.
    Julia ♥

  6. All those feathers! so pretty! Next year - insane!

  7. Wow great to see Jacki's quilt finished!! You've done a beautiful job on the quilting - you are converting her slowly!! I'm sure she was rapt!

  8. Gorgeous quilting Leeanne and I love your Christmas wallhanging. It's nice to see it stitched rather than applique.