Thursday, March 20, 2014

some like it fancy, some like it simple

Hi there! This is an interesting post from the point of view I will show you some examples of the different quilting tastes of my customers. Some of my customers like full on custom quilting, others like simple.
First up is Pauline's three quilts that she was very specific on very simple quilting.

These two quilts are both a feature fabric, in both cases roses, then Pauline has attach two borders. Pauline only wanted ditch stitching on the borders, then to quilt some of the outlines of the flowers. Pauline is fairly new to quilting, so had a few issues with attaching borders, hence some pulling in issues, but over all these are both very pretty quilts.

Next up is a panel fabric that Pauline has attached two rounds of borders. Again simple out line quilting.

I added some gold metallic thread for some bling! Next is a photo so you can see the outline quilting I did & for you backing lovers!

Next for an example of a customer who wanted a bit more quilting, this too is a panel that has been bordered.

Jill wanted me accentuate the features on this Whimsical panel as well as 'something fancy on the border'.

Isn't this a marvelous saying? I love it.

You may remember I quilted this same panel last year for Megan. It is the same panel, just a few more details, such as pieced flowers. See here for the post relating to this quilt.

So after all those examples, what do you like? Simple or custom?


  1. You sure do get a good variety to quilt - always an interesting challenge I imagine. I'm sure both ladies will be delighted with what you have done for them :-)

  2. I like what best compliments the particular quilt. Most of the time I go for custom (love what you did on that quotation panel), but sometimes it just isn't going to show, so an all over design is then sufficient. You always do so well!

  3. I like both simple and custom, just depends on the quilts! Love the quilting,

  4. The quilting on panels really make the quilts I reckon! Awesome as always :)

  5. I too think whatever suits the quilt, personally I don't like it too dense.
    Gorgeous quilts and quilting..
    Julia ♥

  6. Great quilting as always Leeanne. I am always amazed that you are able to come up with just the right quilting pattern for each quilt. I love what you have done on all of the above quilts

  7. Yes I agree with Barbara's comment above ... you seem to know just what will look great.
    But Oh that panel with the verse ... that is JUST gorgeous and would be something even I could manage to put together - just love all the quilting on it that you have done :-)

  8. What an interesting post Leeanne... I don't know much about quilting, so I've enjoyed seeing the way the quilting is chosen & done...
    Well done, it is lovely progress on the Gail Pan BOM in the other post - I love that design!

  9. Love how you've quilted around those large roses to make them stand out with texture. Some quilts do need simple quilting, but if I was going to the expense of sending a quilt out I'd want custom quilting :)

  10. Oh gosh it's hard to choose, I love them all....

  11. They are all beautiful in their own different ways ... I love them all too!