Friday, April 25, 2014

quilting, Christmas, fungi & doll making................................

Hi there bloggers!
I have a real mixed bag to share today.

 Three quilts to share with you today, all three customers wanted fairly simple quilting with some all over quilting with a dash of custom.

First up is Liz's squares in squares quilt. The fabrics all have a 'Sashiko' look. Liz asked for an all over pattern in the middle then something for the border. I chose my 'horse hoof' design, which is my take on the traditional Baptist Fan, see here  for my description.

Madeira poly neon threads over cotton/bamboo batting. I am enjoying the square ended feathers when a suitable quilt passes my way. This quilt measures 72 " x 72".

Next up is Norma's four patch autumn quilt. Made for her son living in Australia. Once again another for an all over design, this time a jumbo stipple, then some twist stitching on the first border, followed by simple straight lines on the final border.

Using a combination of a variegated Auriful thread & Madeira poly neon over a rather high loft poly batting that Norma was taken with. Norma was on a tight time frame, so she asked for the 'full Quiltme' treatment............AKA, quilt, make & attach binding & hand stitch in place. Quilt measures: 50" x 74".

Last but not least is Anne's creation, made especially for her two year old granddaughter. Simple quilting again with a dash of feathers to jazz up the border.

Using a Madeira variegated thread for the stipple in the block, bobbin fill for the ditch work & another Madeira poly neon for the feathered border, over cotton batting. Quilt measures 53" x 74".
Wishing I had thought to take a photo of the beautiful bunting Anne had made to go with this quilt!

Now for the 'Christmas', 'fungi' & doll making:

I finished another item for my gift box the other day, a Christmas goodie bag.

Primitive style is to my liking, loving Cottage Garden threads, this one is 'Kangaroo Paw". I raided my Lynette Anderson Christmas fabrics for the lining & backing of this wee bag. Who else finds it hard to cut up coveted fabric?? Geeze.....................I DO!! But when you have so much, why not use it? After all isn't that why we bought it in the first place, to cut up into small pieces, stitched together to make big again! Thank goodness I have the ability to laugh at myself!!

A wander around the garden on splendid days can lead to wonderful this little town popping up on our lawn, they grow with speed & seem so happy, it seems a shame that when I mow the lawn the wee town will be destroyed.

Over a couple of weekends I have made 'Francesca'. The doll design is by Chris Rook of Raggedy - Ole - Britches. Chris calls her doll 'Lizzie".
 My sweet pal Julie was my guiding light, both in inspiration & help! If you haven't checked out Julie's blog it is 'A must look at' site! Positively oozing with eye candy.

I bought a 000 baby cardigan from an OpShop gave it a couple dashes with vinegar & Parisian essence to create the prim/aged look, as did the calico for her body & pantaloons..............which incidentally Francesca asked me to please not degrade her with a photo of her in her underwear!
Julie was not kidding me when she said sculpting her hands & feet is tough going! Gee whizzikers she was not fooling me!

With snap domes for eyes & thick wool hair (that is pasted with PVA is to make the hair stiff) & a key tied to her cardi she has stolen my heart..........I just love her! Thanks again Julie.


  1. Lovely quilts/quilting. I really love your christmas goodie bag too

  2. Wow those top two are amazing love

  3. Wow, you've been busy!! All beautifully done as usual. Great hand stitching too :)

  4. Hi, great quilts, love the quilting you've done for them. You've been a busy bee, nice work. We were given a bucket of mushroom from our neighbour, methinks mushroom soup for dinner.

  5. Youve been a machine! The quilts are amazing as always... I finished Anyas quilt last night at midnight...!!! And i still cant stop marvelling at the work you did on it! Hope you have a great weekend x

  6. You've been making your way through lots of goodiness, Leeanne!! I think my bestest favourite is the googy bag - please tell me where I can find the pattern :-) Hope you're having a creative weekend!!!

  7. Your quilting is beautiful, love the Christmas bag and the doll is amazing - the work on the hands is worth it they look great!

  8. I love to see what you quilt! Lots of inspiration. : )
    What a cute, cute Christmas goodie bag. Love it!
    Amazing details on that fun doll.

  9. Francesca is awesome and a lot of love has gone into those hands and feet!!!
    Loving the Christmas bag also and lots of beautiful quilting work on the quilts. xxxxxx

  10. Lovely quilts and quilting. Your own creations are gorgeous, I love your Christmas item and Francesca! Love her hands and feet! You are very clever :)

  11. Beautiful quilts Leeanne, and Francesca is a wee honey, love her cute cardi! Fungi are fascinating aren't they...

  12. Oh I am in love with Francesca !!!!! Love her to bits. You need to give her a wee bit of blusher on her cheeks I feel ??? You did a great job with the sculpting Leeanne - lots of lovely things to look at in this post. She will have a happy life at your home I am sure.