Sunday, June 29, 2014

We are in the grey

First up to share is Jill's fun Hexagon quilt. Jill had very clear idea's about how she wanted this quilt quilted. Made for a friend in Canada, Jill wanted the iconic Maple leaf quilted on the tone-on-tone hexagon's, then we both decided to just keep the straight lines on the rest of the hexagon's, too many designs would make an already reasonably busy quilt, well too busy.

Straight lines & lots of ditch stitching, using Madeira poly neon threads over wool/poly batting.

For the pieced border I ditch stitched & quilted some stipple & more straight lines to keep that continuity. Thank you Jill, I hope your special friend loves her quilt.

Next a quilt designed by Emily Cier from a book compiled by Susanne Woods in the form of a book called "Modern Blocks".

 Kerryn made this quilt at retreat for her daughter to snuggle under. With a minky blanket for the backing I am sure she will snuggle under it! It did cause me a few problems as the minky blanket had quite a stretch in one direction. Anyhow you can see I quilted 'very organic' straight lines on the grey, as well as crossing over in random places & a mix of quilting designs on the feature fabrics, pebbles, paisley, a boxy maze & stipple.

Here you go you back lovers! I remembered to take a shot or two of the back.

Time to end this post as I have more to show you but can't, I have a few gifts I have made plus two more customer quilts, but I will have to wait & so will you!!
The following is worth contemplation, don't you think??

Until next time friends & 'stalkers', take care & keep your home fires burning by making something pretty.


  1. Lovely quilts and great quilting Leeanne. Thanks to your customers for allowing us to view their quilts and your work

  2. Your quilting is amazing Leeanne - lovely to see them front and back!
    Love the saying - and how true!! Lol!!

  3. Thanks for sharing details of your quilting. It inspires me, as always!
    I really like the saying at the end. So true! ; )

  4. two very different but really lovely quilts there Leeanne - love how you have quilted each one & it really suits the theme of the quilt.
    I love that little verse at the end of your post ... quite applicable to me at the moment too :-)

  5. Both quilts turned out really well - I'm sure the makers and their recipients will be delighted with the finished product! I particularly love the hexie-quilt - addict that I am :-) Hehe there seem to be many of us in the same boat as far as that last quote goes!

  6. You're one busy lady! No doubt they are over the moon with your quilting! Good saying too :)

  7. Every time I attempted to sort my sewing/girls only room I get side tracked by all the goodies I have amassed. Then I start planning what I am going to do with them all and completely forget the original plan to sort/tidy the room. I think it is a female thing. Men have sheds don't they?? Lovely quilts.

  8. Beautiful works :)
    That last one explains a lot for me!