Monday, July 28, 2014

First Quilt

                                                 Hi there friends, followers & readers! 

            Today the quilt I am featuring is Donna's first & I think you will agree is beautiful!!

Taken here in dappled light, measuring 84" square, Matilda's Own 60% cotton 40% poly batting, throughout I used a ecru Maderia poly neon thread.

Donna asked me to follow her stitched lines on the petals & leaves, then quilting a stipple for the background of the flowers, which will 'rag & soften up' as washed.
The pattern is called: "French Roses" by Heather French.

After ditch stitching the borders, next came the pieced first border. Donna really liked the double orange peel I sometimes quilt on smaller pieced squares.
When Donna came to for a consultation, I showed her several samples of border ideas. What really rang true for her was the trapunto border I had on this quilt.  This technique takes a fair amount of time, which of course costs more. So I suggested some alternatives which would give similar results.

An echo of the feather, then a medium sized stipple gives a similar look, without hurting your wallet too much! Two layers of batting would have also helped, but again it is an added cost.

Here again in different lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is one beautiful romantic quilt. And. . . . . . . .pretty darn good for a first quilt! Thank you Donna & enjoy!


  1. Can't believe this is a first time quilt! Love the flower details. Great job on the quilting :)

  2. Wow didn't she do well :D Love the way you've quilted it x

  3. Beautiful first quilt, love the colours, quilting awesome as usual.

  4. Donna made a lovely quilt and you enhanced it beautifully!
    (I've seen this pattern on a couple of blogs and I would love to see one after it has been washed and gained texture around the flowers.) : )

  5. So lovely and wow a first time too !! !!
    Well done Donna

  6. Wow - what a beautiful quilt and your quilting is absolutely stunning Leeanne.

  7. That is just beautiful Leeanne - wow !!! a first time quilter - that would take some beating I think. I love how you have chosen to quilt it too. The flowers just pop out at you & I adore the fabrics.

  8. So lovely and what an amazing quilt for a first timer! I popped over and looked at your favourite quilt with the patterned border... that border is absolutely stunning!

  9. Wow - good on Donna with making her first!! It's beautiful :-)

  10. Yes, a very romantic looking quilt - those fabrics look lovely. It looks like great fun to create... and to quilt!

  11. She did a great job for her first Leeanne! This pattern is perfect for a first timer. Her colors are great!

    I really like how you quilted it as well. The larger stipple works great for the backgrounds. Thanks for sharing your link so I could have a "look-see" on how I could quilt mine!!! I've considered at least one row of echo quilting around the outside of the flowers and leaves. We'll see…...