Wednesday, July 23, 2014


One of many pluses.
  Leonie's second born daughter Heidi loves Zebra's & Orange, so for her fifth birthday Leonie made her a quilt that she loves!
Leonie asked for all over loops & the odd 'Heidi' worked into the background of the pluses. I used a Gunold variegated thread. For the pluses Leonie wanted echo's in the pluses with straight lines, again I used the same thread. Warm & natural 100% cotton was Leonie's pick for batting.

A fun, funky, fresh quilt for an Orange loving girl, that will see her through many years of snuggling.

I couldn't not show you the back, as the back has nearly as much sewing as the front! Many seams & lots of care & love.

One HUGE plus on the back!!! Look at the corner........................................

Raw edge appliqued "H*E*I*D*I" label on the back of the quilt, how cool is that!!!
What was a special treat was I got to meet Leonie & Heidi, as they came to the quilt show to pick up the quilt. I just love meeting my customers. Because I have customers all over New Zealand, I sometimes don't get to meet them in person.
You may remember the quilt Leonie made for her eldest daughter that I quilted, see here.

Speaking of pluses, I got into the garden this morning to do some pruning. The last of my roses, hydrangea & wisteria. I was wondering what I was going to do with all the cuttings, then the squirrel in me jumped up & said to save them all for kindling for next year. So that's what I did, little piles ready to be put into old banana boxes & stored away to dry.

After some pruning in one garden I found a wonderful volcanic rock, just sitting there waiting to be discovered! Who else likes these lovely rocks in their gardens?


  1. I was privileged to be there when Leanne handed over this quilt. One delighted little girl. Her expression spoke a thousand words

  2. Love ,love, love this quilt! And the back! And the quilting! Everything is just so right.

  3. That's one very cool quilt, and I love that so much went into the back of it too, makes it really special x

  4. Cool that you got to meet Leonie and Heidi - I bet they were in love with the quilt. It is gorgeous! Cool backing that Leonie has pieced and the name on the back - what a great idea!

  5. It was such a treat to meet you too Leeanne! Heidi (and I) love what you've done with her quilt and big sis has studied all the quilting in depth too! It is perfectly perfect for her! Thanks again for your help and patience - you are really such a legend ;) xx

  6. That is one gorgeous quilt Leeanne - both you and Leonie have worked wonders on it !! !!
    Totally Heidi .. .. ..

  7. Very gorgeous quilt Leeanne - love the plusses & also how you have quilted her name in it.
    Didnt see your " little helper " out there with the rose prunings though.

  8. Gorgeous quilt, your quilting is beautiful. Good work in your garden, it's looking lovely.

  9. Love the quilt and your quilting! I need to get out and prune the roses too - maybe when we get a sunny day! Good idea to save the prunings!

  10. Love those orange fabrics. I find it hard to use that color but I sure do like your quilt.

    I do like rocks in my garden and have several big ones.

  11. Love the quilt and Heidi's name looks lovely on the back.
    Orange is myDD's favourite colour too.

  12. Great colour palette. Congrats on another great quilting job :)

  13. You two make a great pair! As always your beautiful quilting brings out the best in Leonie's skilled sewing. The perfect quilt for an orange loving zebra fan! I love it!