Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A happy weekend for me.

Last weekend I went in one of these....................................

to visit with someone special..........................

My Granddaughter! So wonderful to have time with her. She was keen to finish her stitchery she started months ago. Granny suggested when it was finished I could make it into a cushion or a bag. The wee fairy said: " a bag please granny!" So that's on my 'do-very-soon' list.
The weather was cold, very cold, windy, raining and hailing, but that didn't stop us having fun! We coloured in, created with play dough (which of course I had to 'sample' the things made to look like food.......thank goodness the wee Fairy is happy when granny pretends!), played shops and headed out for a play at Mcdonalds play ground, thankfully it is under cover.
While out and about we did visit a lovely patchwork shop, owned and operated by Michele from her lovely old villa. Michele treated us so well, I love shops that make you feel welcome.

A lovely mix of fabrics but leaning towards country style, notions and kits and I loved this tea trolley brimming with china cups for quenching ones thirst!

The Fairy found heaven.............buttons! We had to have some of them for the bag!

You can find Michele's delightful shop 'Wildflower Creations' over at her Facebook page here.

On my way back to the airport I did stop to take these breath taking photo's.................................

See the peek of sun rising up to create a wee cap on the top of the mountain. Zero degrees outside!!
I few minutes up the road another stop.............................

Thanks for sharing my happy weekend. Back soon with quilt photo's, I have several finished and they have been placed in the arms of their owners.


  1. How wonderful for you to spend time with your granddaughter. Special moments to treasure. Looking forward to mine.

  2. I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend!! What amazing pictures!

  3. Super photos, the last one, print and frame. And the wee fairy girl, grandies are so special, and to share sewing, shopping and time together, extra so. Cheers,Jean.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I love your photos

  5. I love the photo of your granddaughter with the PINK angel wings.......so cute! The 'naki' is a special place, I glad I get to call it home! Sounds like you had a great visit and I also love Michelles quilt shop!

  6. LOVE the mountain photos.
    You had such a good time, I can tell! : )

  7. So lucky to have such a cute fairy in your life.

  8. Oh yes looks like a very lovely weekend Leeanne spending time with your gorgeous grandie :-)
    I have been to Michelles shop (twice now) & both her & the shop are just lovely arent they. I still miss that beautiful mountain even after 25 years away from it.

  9. How wonderful for you and her both! So sweet and what a delightful shop!

  10. When my boys get around to making me a grandmother I want fairies!!! She looks so sweet in her pink wings, what colour are yours Leanne?? Gorgeous photo of the mountain.

  11. Hey Mumma!! looks like you had an amazing time with my favourite 7 year old fairy! Love you and miss you both! xxx

  12. Awesome Leeanne, it sounds like such a wonderful time for both Granny and Fairy. The bag will be something special!

  13. What a great weekend with Fairy. Buttons always a big play treat for little ones.....even big girls like me!
    Love the awsome photos of the mountains...

  14. Wow - fabulous pics of the mountain :) and didn't you have the bestest of weekends :) If if ever get up that way I am definitely going to visit that gorgeous shop too - looks just so lovely.