Friday, October 31, 2014

All over quilting designs

Some of you may recognise this design, it is a Bonnie Hunter mystery from last year, or possibly the year before?This quilt is on the bigger side! ~ 95" x 95" called "Easy Street".
Barbara has chugged away on the piecing doing 'leaders and enders' to get this completed in time so she can gift away to some special for this Christmas.

Barbara asked for an all over quilting design using bamboo/cotton batting. In my last post  you may have spotted this quilt also. Fun vibrant fabrics.

Thank you Barbara, I hope your lovely Christmas gift is loved!

Next are three quilts for a baby.

Isn't this fun fabric! Shannon got busy to make these three quilts for her baby, she thought they would be nice to have as floor quilts for her sweet baby to play on. What a great idea!!

Lots of hearts, an all over quilting design seen here on the back.

Bugs this time! Lucky baby, don't you think?
You may have seen sneaky peeks on my Facebook page.

Cats this time.

Checkout the fun backing of these last two quilts.........................................

Yea-haw cowgirls and cowboys! Happy days to Shannon's baby.

I have several more customer quilts to share, but I don't want to over load you with photo's.
Wishing you all a happy weekend, my supervisor wishes you a happy weekend also!


  1. Love the cow fabric!! Good to see your supervisor was on the job, were you allowed any tea breaks??

  2. wonderful! I have seen many bloggers make that first quilt.

  3. beautiful quilting - your work just finishes a quilt.
    Love Leanne

  4. Hi Leeanne, all gorgeous quilts, love the colours & fabrics in Barbaras quilt ... someone lucky receiving that for christmas. Glad you've got your supervisor on the job making sure you keep on task :-)

  5. My Easy Street is still about half blocks and half pieces.
    Some very fun novelty prints in those baby quilts. I especially like the cow fabric--is that Ferdinand the Bull in the midst of all the ladies? : )

  6. Great to see an Easy Street quilt here in NZ!
    Lucky baby having three quilts to sit and play on and I love the heart quilting.

  7. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne.
    How cute is that cow and cat fabric.
    Good to see your supervisor was on the job, looking very serious there, inspecting the quilt.
    Julia ♥

  8. Lovely eye-candy Leeanne. It was great to see Barb's quilt in person the other day. And I agree with the others, lucky baby having a great selection of quilts to play on!

  9. Love your quilting. So even and fabulous patterns. Barbara's quilt is amazing

  10. Such cute baby quilts! And love love Barbara's quilt. Of course the quilting is super too - lovely textures and patterns :)

  11. Beautiful photos and beautiful quilts! Your quilting is gorgeous as always :)

  12. You never cease to amaze me! Easy Street through a domestic machine???? That is one huge quilt!
    All your quilting is so right on every quilt. Well done, like your supervisor

  13. As always I admire your quilting skills love the heart shape quilting! And the quilts shown in your former blog are gorgeous: that first one with the square in a square, wonderful colors an quilting!
    Best wishes, Cisca