Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stock piling.

Hello beautiful people! I hope your November is going well and you are not going on the 'stressed out lead up to Christmas' drama! I have decided it is not a healthy hobby to partake in!
In between quilting for my lovely customers I have managed to finish a few of my own things. First is a quilt that I finished the top in 2011 and finished the quilting a few weeks ago. The Maverick Star idea was from Bonnie Hunter then I alternated the start blocks with nine patch variation blocks.

I remember thoroughly enjoying making those stars, they were quite addictive. I chose some interesting fabrics for the block centres.

See here for a post from the archives about this quilt when it was a flimsy.

Well you know me by now, there has to be some feathers on my quilts! Simple cross-hatching for the main part of the quilt. Finishing with a scrappy binding. I like how the back shows the textures.

Next is a quilt I made for my seven year old granddaughter, I made the mistake of showing her a photo of Cat's son's Minecraft quilt that I quilted back here and I got "Oh granny can you please make me one?"...................well what is a granny to do?

After a few rummages through my fabrics looking for green fabrics I set to work cutting 5" squares. The quilt came together quickly. Here's hoping she thinks it's fun to have her name appliqued on the bottom border.

The techno quilting and lofty batting make for a soft snuggly quilt. I had a go at attaching the binding to the back of the quilt and bringing forward to the front and top stitched in place on my machine. Lime green flannel for the backing should also create some snuggle factor!
My new thing to do for quilt labels is to use a vintage doiley, they are perfect for the job.

Last, but not least my Winterberry Santa.

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Auckland Festival of Quilts I bought a part kit for this handsome fellow from Cameron James Designs. The kit was his face, hands, pattern and beard, which is Tibetan Lambs wool, can you feel the softness!

He is constructed over a wine bottle that you fill with something to weight it, I used cat litter, then you follow the instructions, the trickiest part was his facial hair. He has lovely hands that you cover with felted wool mittens, then embellish as you wish, in my case a rusty star, rusty bells wired berries and an antique key.

This morning while looking for a Christmas table runner to sit under him I got side tracked upon seeing my wonderful Christmas decorations!! I now have nice little displays throughout the house of my eclectic mix of handmade goodies.

Happy stress free creating!


  1. You are a machine Leeanne! And will feel great finishing that first one too! And you definitely know how to make your grandchildren's day!

  2. Love the star quilt!
    Minecraft is not something I am familiar with, but you are a very good Granny to make that. : )
    That is a gorgeous Santa!

  3. Have just popped over to Sample Sisters to see your Santa & here he is on your own blog :-) I adore him ... you have made me feel christmassy now. I love his beard & the olde world colours you have chosen for him ... just beautiful. Your minecraft quilt should make a wee girl happy ... the flannel backing will be cuddly for sure.

  4. some lovely makes here, the wonky stars quilt I really like must have a go at those stars. Your granddaughter is going to be delighted with her beauty and your santa is such fun, what a god way to use an empty wine bottle

  5. There us going to be one happy little girl on Christmas morning. I am not going to be stressed out Thus Christmas. Gifts all bought or made, wrapped and labelled and put away ready. I did make quite a few through the year. A few friends I am baking for, shortbread, Rocky Road and Chocolate Ginger.

  6. ahh I just drool visiting your blog - love the cross hatching and feather work! I bet your granddaughter is going to adore her quilt.

  7. Hey Christmas girl....would pinch that Santa at the drop of a hat(I know...will have to make my own)...and love Yasmins quilt what an awesome prezzy to give (made with love) and the doiley adds a special touch. Hugs xxxxx

  8. More gorgeous quilts, I especially love the star one, there's just something about stars! LOVE your Santa, so perfect!

  9. Love the wonky stars quilt.. quilting is amazing as always.
    The doily label is a great way to finish off a quilt...
    Minecraft is not something I am familiar with either, I will have to look it up.

  10. How lovely to see some of your own projects finished up. Great setting for the stars and love the doily label idea :)

  11. Love your stars quilt, and the Santa is so amazing!! Your grand daughter will be very happy with her lovely quilt I am sure.

  12. Love those stars, Leeanne, a simple setting but very effective - I think I may even recognise some of those fabrics :-). Lucky GD - she will be very happy, I'm sure!