Friday, April 10, 2015

A week long road trip, part one.

                         Hello poppets! I have much to share with all who are willing.
 I have been on a week long trip having an adventure. The first part of my journey sees me delivering a stunning quilt to it's maker and owner, through to climbing mountains and visiting friends and family. If you are only interested in the quilting side just read the first part of this post, then forget the rest!
Facebook followers and stalkers have seen a few teasing sneak peeks of Raewyn's Mountmellick Quilt. Here you will enjoy not only the 'before quilting took place' photo's but Raewyn's lovely blog.

What a treat to meet Raewyn in person and be greeted with open arms! After a tour of her amazing home (a converted church) and a yummy coffee I presented Raewyn with her finished quilt. I was commissioned by Raewyn to custom quilt and make and attach the binding ready for Raewyn to hand stitch in place.

Raewyn purchased the quilt as a Block of the Month from USA as she loved the same fabric's Di Ford used.

After several phone calls and emails we sorted what could be done to give the centre piece more 'poof'. See Raewyn's post about her dilemma over her flat applique block.
Now we have texture! I pebbled, "LeeanneMcDoodled" and feathered to bring more texture to this stunning quilt!

I ditched stitched until the cows came home, or at least until I was really over ditch stitching, with so much applique and detail that needed to be bought into the lime light ditch stitching was the foundation to create that.

The choosing of red thread for the border.......................On Di Ford's original featured in the Quiltmania magazine the quilter (unknown to me) used a fawny/ beige thread on the red borders which just didn't 'sit' with me. Thankfully Raewyn was over the moon I had chosen a deep red thread for the feathered border. I chalked a rough spine for the feather and went to town playing with my beloved feathers!

Raewyn chose Matilda's Own wool/poly batting for some added softeness and loft, this helped create the desired texture.

As well as custom quilting, making and attach the binding I was asked to pattern match the lovely backing fabric.

What a treat this has been working on a beautifully made quilt, I am sure Raewyn will find a magical spot in her amazing home to display her handy work, thanks again Raewyn for entrusting me with your work of art!
From Raewyn's I headed to Hamilton to have lunch with a dear family friend, then on to meet another blogger friend..........................................

This photo was stolen from Sue's blog without her permisson!! Yikes naughty me! My hand is out ready for the whack Sue! No doubt with your humour, friendship and love of life you will forgive me! We shared a lovely swing in the garden chatting with a cuppa in hand sorting the worlds problems with her collection of chicken's and two dogs Sheba and Oscar wanting in on the action. Great visiting new friends! The jug is on ready for you to visit me Sue!

From Sue's I travelled to spend the night with my friend Julie. A visit I always look forward to. The arms of a welcoming friend is always a welcomed one.

I could have bought every item in Julie's wee cottage, but I still needed my money to stretch out for the rest of my journey. (on my return visit I may have bought one or two treats!)
We shared a coffee at a fabulous cafe ( I forgot the name!), below are a few photo's which once housed an electrician's workshop.
This photo is of the mural that greets you upon entering.

A piano for those wanting to twinkle their fingers or a bike to take a spin on!

 The art work...........................................................

I loved the artwork and eclectic collection of furniture, we had cheerful service, which seems to becoming a rare treasure these days and of course great coffee.
From Julie's I headed to Omori where I was meeting with a group to take on the Tongariro Crossing. This is coming up in my 'part two' blog post post, in the meantime enjoy the photo of the moon shining on Lake Taupo.

Back soon.............................................


  1. Gorgeous quilting on Raewyn's lovely quilt.
    What a time you are having.
    Don't think I have ever seen a photo of you. I had to go to Sue's blog to read and figure out which one you are. : ) Fun to see your friendly smile!

  2. Gorgeous quilt. Raewyn must have been over the moon with your stunning quilting

  3. Haha I was the same as Janet re the photo! OMG the quilting on Raewyn's quilt must've taken you forever-gorgeous work and I love the red thread in the border-good choice. Can't wait to hear about the crossing-I did it a few years ago on the most glorious of days-just magical, even if a bit hard in places.

  4. Looks like you had a great journey.
    I am in awe for your gorgeous quilt (like the feathered border)
    and I adore the sweet little café. The furniture is cute!

  5. Absolutely stunning quilt and quilting and lovely to share more of your journeys.

  6. Gosh I love every single thing about Raewyns quilt Leeanne, love the colours, the fabric choices, LOVE the quilting & even love the backing. It looks stunning :-) You sure have made it go "poof".
    The cafe is called Walton Street Cafe ... I am so glad you had your camera with you but you could've cropped me out of the pic considering I was in my gardening clothes !!!!!! :-)
    Look forward to part 2 of the road trip. x0x

  7. Lovely quilt. Very very lovely quilting on it. A good combined effort I would say.

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous quilt! Enjoy your road trip....lucky you visiting Julie's lovely cottage xx

  9. Congratulations on such superb quilting on a very special quilt!
    Next time you are this way please pop in

  10. That quilt is the most beautiful I think I have ever seen, and it is going to look so in place in a converted church (my dream home). Twas nothing short of fabulous finally meeting you and sharing that very overdue hot cuppa, and I sure will find my way to your house one day, we only solved half the world problems you know!! Love the cafe you and Julie went to, the art is brilliant. Bring on Part two, I want part two!!!!

  11. Stunning quilting Leeanne. I am not surprised Raewyn was very happy. Your quilting has made an amazing quilt 'sing'. I look forward to hearing more about your road trip and to seeing what you couldn't resist at Julies!

  12. What an amazing quilt and sensational quilting beautiful to look at!
    Enjoyed your travels, looking forward to the next installment.

  13. You are a suerstar Leanne. Your work on Raewyns beautiful quilt is awesome. Clever, clever you.

  14. Oh I wondered when I would see the first Mountmellick quilt on your blog. Wonderful job, it looks so great.

  15. What an amazing quilt and your quilting sure has finished it - I bet Raewyn was thrilled! A wonderful road trip - look foward to reading part 2.

  16. WOW !!! What stunning quilting on Raewyn's beautiful quilt! I love your pebbles so much. An I also agree the red thread is so much better than beige.
    Wonderful meetings too, You are so young and lovely, nice to see a picture of you!
    Ah Lake Taupo, with the beautiful Maori carvings on the rocks and the lying lady. Looking forward to your story and pictures!
    Have a nice weekend, Cisca

  17. Awesome quilting Leeanne you work so hard to make quilts sing or pop as you say. And so nice you got to have coffees on the way south. Looking forward to seeing the Tongariro crossing photos, and maybe a peek at you purchases! xxxx

  18. Looks like a great time away Leeanne, how neat you were able to fit in visits to new and old friends! Love the quilting on Raewyn's quilt - she would have been absolutley thrilled!

  19. OH. MY. BLOODY. GAWD! That quilt is amazing, I've gone a bit weak at the knees lol Great job to both of you very talented ladies. Gutted that I wasn;t ale to come over to Sue's the day you were there, but we were in the big smoke. I might have to drag her up norf on a road trip :D

  20. Sounds like the road trip 'so far' was a blast ~ so fab meeting you and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my quilt ~ Rae

  21. Love the quilting you have done on that beautiful quilt !!! What a fun trip, always nice to visit friends and have girl time.

  22. Super quilting effort - you've really enhanced the quilt, well done!

  23. How lovely to be able to see special friends :) as for the quilt - the detail and quilting is exceptional!