Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday wrap up..............................

It's Friday, it's Friday!! It's winter and it's much to celebrate!! Glad you have you taken the time to stop by and see what I am up to. First is Norma's jelly roll quilt. Made for her niece.

Whenever Norma asks me to quilt for her she likes me to quilt an all over design through the middle then 'something fancy for the borders'. What you are seeing is a free hand design I came up with that is a swirl with a fishhook look to it (names????)

I used Superiors Omini thread a putty colour, which seemed to blend nicely over the fabrics so well. For the border I simply opened my design up so that it alternated back and forth, perfect for the border and a nice cohesion.

                                         I am sure Norma's niece will love this quilt.

Next is Noeline's pretty quilt called Relic's of Yesteryear which was another of The Country Yards mystery stitcheries.

Featuring exclusive stitchery designs and beautiful threads and fabric. The Country Yard's mystery stitcheries are always popular. Noeline asked for simple custom quilting, nothing too heavy.

I went with my popular leafy vine, ditch stitching around the stitchery feature and of course ditch stitching the frames.

A photo of the backside because I know how much you like to see the back but also so you can see the border design.

I used the print on the border fabric for inspiration, kinda funky feathers! Hiphip hooray for feathers!

Thank you Noeline, enjoy your lovely quilt, which she tells me will go on her bed as a decorative topper.
Most mornings I get up and go for a brisk walk. When I was training to walk the Tongariro Crossing I would climb mount Parahaki several times a week. I still like to go at least once a week if possible. This is a well used walk by many Whangarei folks seeking out their exercise. Moderately steep with many steps, the view at the top is rather nice.

The starting point for me is at Mair park where I go over this pretty bridge, the views are so peaceful.

Wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful new design, maybe " Maui", love those swirls.

  2. Great quilting of course and loving those funky feathers! Looks like a great view from the top and will feel good to do the walk - followed by some tea and chocolate ;)

  3. What a beautiful place to walk...although I am not a huge fan of up!!!! Wonderful view at the top. More beautiful quilting the fish hook look on the first a lovely Kiwi feel to me.

  4. You sure have been busy at that machine of yours Leeanne. That looks a stunning place to walk to ... I just adore that little stream you have to cross, looks like a great picnic spot. Have a happy weekend :-)

  5. Always such nice quilting. I love seeing how you choose to finish off quilts.
    Looks for beautiful views for your walks.

  6. It's Saturday here, summer and raining, in fact I think the rain is forecast to carry on all day so perfect for housework then sewing!! Your quilting is beautiful, as always. I hope your customers really appreciate the fabulous job you do for them :)

  7. Beautiful. Thankyou for sharing the country yards link, lots of lovlies to be had there.

  8. Two more beautiful quilts, I always love stars. Your quilting is as lovely as ever :) It's a wet and windy Sunday here but I am happy in front of my fire!

  9. Great work by Norma and Noeline and your funky feathers are great. So glad you manage to keep up the walking! Hugs

  10. Hi Leeanne!
    Love your blog! Wish you were over here to quilt some of mine!
    I thought I would reach out from Sydney Australia! The annual quilt fair is on in Sydney at the moment and to coincide with the fair one of the local shops call The Remnant Warehouse is offering 25% off all the patchwork fabrics, including jelly rolls, layer cakes, backings and waddings etc. I’m a regular customer there and they ship to New Zealand a lot- I’ve sent fabric over there for family members before and it arrived a lot quicker than I was expecting. Just thought I would let you know because a lot of my family over there say it’s hard sourcing fabrics sometimes, so thought I would let you know in case you were looking to pick up some bargains in the sale which goes until Monday 22nd June.