Friday, August 21, 2015

Down on the Farm!

                                                         Hello and welcome!

        Mary made two country themed quilts and asked for custom quilting but no dense quilting.

A McKenna Ryan design called "All Cooped Up". Mary wanted the backgrounds quilted the same as the patterns, which was basically following the patterns on the batik fabrics. Mary had blanket stitched all the applique shapes, usually with McKenna Ryan design you don't do this. How McKenna finishes the edges of the applique is at the quilting stage with a Monolon thread.

        I used Madeira's Monolon thread for the background quilting and the stitching in the ditch.

When you have feathered creatures a feather border seemed the perfect partner. For the border I used a rust coloured Glide thread.

 I liked the peeper, it adds a 3D dimension that I did have watch I didn't catch under my hopping foot.

Back lovers..............................

Mary's next quilt, Home Sweet Home, a selection of country houses. Really beautiful blanket stitch.

            Ditch stitching, loose background filler of loops and leaves and a leafy border.

                                                          I love this house best!

                                           Until next time, Simon says have a restful weekend!


  1. Gorgeous work! Quilting with the patterns on the first quilt is amazing - perfect for that quilt! And I love the week houses! Such beautiful work. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Such beautiful quilts Leeanne and your quilting again is beautiful!! Good to see Simon is relaxed and happy!!

  3. Oh I do like both of those! Guess where I went today?? It was fabulous and she fed me fabulous home made things. Tell Simon I will totally follow his advise.

  4. Morning Leeanne, both lovely quilts, think my fav is the House one. Love the colours & fabrics & love how you have quilted them. Even the back is equally as stunning. Happy Weekend to you & Simon :-)

  5. Both great quilts, but I especially love "All Cooped Up". Growing up I spent many happy summer days at my grandpa's chicken farm. The quilting on it is perfect!

  6. Lovely quilts and lovely quilting!!