Sunday, August 9, 2015

Monsters and Rockets!

Yes friends this is a quilting blog, a place where you can stop by for a look at the lovely quilts I get to work on, so what on earth are monsters and rockets featuring here? Because they are quilts!

Debbie had many hours of fun making this cheery quilt for her grandson. A kit from Kids Quilts called "Monster Patch". Debbie asked for custom quilting.

          I used a mix of Madeira and Gunold threads and just turned on my machine and had fun!

                                               Check out the perfect border fabric!

                Now for the rocket quilt. Diane asked me to quilt an all over design (edge to edge).

It really is more of a Space quilt, the navy fabric features glow in the dark stars! Diane asked for a thread that just blends and doesn't really show on the front and a Silver Metallic thread on the back.

                       Diane bought a panel featuring a Nasa type Rocket for the backing.

                                  Diane also made this quilt for her grandson.
Thank you ladies, I am sure your young men will enjoy the quilts you lovingly made for them.


  1. I love the colours in the Monster quilt, nice and bright!!

  2. monster one is cute good to see friendly monsters not scarry! Rocket also good but the monsters have won me over

  3. Love the monster quilt, what a great design.....nice you can turn the machine on and have fun!! The space/rocket quilt is lovely too...grandsons will be very happy!

  4. I am loving that first quilt Leeanne with the monsters on it & the bright colours. Love how you have quilted it too. Am thinking my wee grandson would love something like that, it is such a boy thing.

  5. The monster quilt is especially endearing. Looks like you really did have a good time quilting it. Very fun!

  6. I also love the monsters quilt! That will be one lucky grandson he will treasure it always I am sure! Nice quilting Leeanne!

  7. Those are SUCH fun quilts. You did a perfect job, Leeanne. I especially like your star motif!

  8. Each quilt is a beauty in its own way and two grandchildren are very happy now! And your quilting is superb as always!
    Happy quilting, Cisca