Monday, November 2, 2015

Bunny Hill Designs and Japanese woven quilts

Hello there! Now that the postie has arrived in Christchurch at Maree's house with her two quilts I can have a show and tell!
Facebook followers will have seen the sneak peeks of both these beautiful quilts.Without further or do.....................

"Merry Merry Snowmen" by Bunny Hill. Needleturn applique, piecing and a small amount of stitchery (with eyes & other embellishments to follow) makes for a fabulous fun quilt for Christmas!

Maree had her usual request: " I trust you and love your quilting style so go for it!" Well if that's not permission to play I don't know what is! So after the hard yards of stitching in ALL the ditches and around the applique shapes, it was time to play.

You may see the faint pencil lines, these are where Maree with do some added stitchery. I did use the line of the 'slope' to divide the two areas into 'a snow slope' and a background sky.

                                  Awesome fun, going down a snow slope in a teacup!

Maree chose Warm & Natural cotton batting and I used the following threads: "so fine" by Superior Threads, YLI, perma-core and my nice fine thread for ditch stitching.

The swag border helps create a theatrical framing for a fabulous quilt.
Even Maree's choice of backing has a sense of fun about it...................................

The next quilt Maree had me custom quilt was "Taupe Flower Garden" that Maree bought some years back as a Block of the Month from Patchwork Passion. Robyn the owner of Patchwork Passion tells me this is no longer available as a BOM, but they have similar patterns available.

Once again Maree gave me free range, however I was aware that this was to be a bed quilt.

I was keen to keep this quilt looking classic, so cross-hatching the background of the flower blocks seemed like a good choice, but I wanted a japanese type feel, I think the the twin lines creates this vibe.
I added light detailing to the applique.

Maree chose Matilda's Own wool batting for extra warm and loft, I used the same thread brands as Merry Merry Snowmen except different colours.

For the pieced blocks I kept things simple, there is of course ditch stitching, it really does help your piecing shine.

The scrappy pieced blocks I did stipple, not exciting I know, but it really seemed like the right 'fit' for this quilt.

Sashings and corner stones.........................................

The borders are my FAVOURITE! When I saw these borders on Kathy's blog some months back I filed the idea away, all the while quietly waiting for the right quilt.

I will be honest and say I did have a booboo and had to do some unpicking, it was a combination of things, first time trying this design, so it's not built up in my muscle memory like many designs and I had applique on the borders to maneuver around. It was all worth it as this design frames this quilt perfectly! Thank you Kathy.

Thank you so much Maree for producing well made quilts and for letting me have creative freedom!


  1. WOW , what fabulous quilts Maree has made and the quilting is stunning. Love the twin cross hatching.

  2. I really like how you've done these, Leanne - particularly the different backgrounds for the snowman quilt.

  3. The snowman quilt had me grinning from ear to ear. You really brought the blocks to life with your quilting.
    The second quilt is more mellow, and you have captured the mood beautifully there, as well. Love the border and the double lines on the cross-hatching are a very nice touch.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous quilts & quilting Leeanne. I would lOVE to see the snowman one when Maree has embellished it & put faces on the snowmen. Bet its going to look fab. Your quilting is - as always - amazing. Wheres the Supervisor these days ??

  5. Love how you have quilted both these. The snowman quilt is wonderful and your quilting has bought it to life. I am doing Kathy's border pattern at the moment on my sisters quilt and no unpicking as yet!!

  6. These are two beautiful quilts and your quilting as usual is stunning! I have to say the Christmas quilt is a real treat to see and how lovely to have that in the home at Christmas time.

  7. Both quilts are amazing! Love the swags in the outer border on the Bunny Hill quilt! So glad you still love that curved border treatment after having to pick.

  8. 2 real beauties and you have quilted them to perfection, what a talented applique lady

  9. Such beautiful quilts, love the fun Chrustmas one, well love them both really!!! Beautifully quilted once again.

  10. Absolutely stunning quilting! Merry Merry Snowmen had the most innovative quilting done on it; it truly brought it to life! Both are beauties.

  11. Both quilts have come up beautifully - I'm sure Maree was very excited to receive her quilts in the mail!! I didn't realise how many posts I had missed - gosh you sure have been busy - you have such a lovely variety of quilting to do - never a dull moment!

  12. The backgrounds behind those snowmen! So cute! Such amazing world by all parties :)