Sunday, February 28, 2016

A panel quilt and a log cabin quilt.

Hello and welcome, today I share two quilts that I quilted for The Country Yard , both were launched yesterday at the shops New Years Launch, an annual event show casing what's new on offer at the shop.

First up is a quilt made from a panel by Kathy Schmitz called "Olde Towne" and the  coordinating fabric range "Sturbridge". I loaded the quilt top, cushion and cushion backing together on backing fabric and batting.

The quilt top and cushion back was quilted with an all over design called "Slick" and the cushion front had some custom quilting. I used Glide thread the colour Mocha.

See how that thread blends nicely without taking over from the quilt. The cushion was made from the three left over panels from the quilt.

Kerryn (owner of The Country Yard) had me make the cushion up and machine bind the cushion and quilt.

                       If you are interested this quilt is available as a kit from the shop.
Next is a lovely log cabin quilt. Who loves log cabin quilts? I am yet to make myself one, how about you, do you love them, have you made yourself one?

Before quilting.

Once the three 'ingredients' were loaded I began with feathering the creamy areas.............................

I used Gunold thread in a very soft variegation of creams and beige's. These wreaths of feathers help define the cream areas as well as showing off the on point setting.

             We couldn't have those borders feeling left out on all the featheriness could we!

After the feathering was finished I moved onto stitching in those ditches. Then the treatment of the dark 'logs' began.

The centre piece I quilted a creek key using Glide thread "Warm Grey 11'. The other dark logs I quilted straight lines that radiated out, again helping to keep that on point look crisp and clear.

The red sashing was happy with a nice little swirl design. This quilt is being offered as a class at The Country Yard, see their website for more details.

quilting finished!

Now I'm off to try one (or maybe two ;-) orange & blueberry muffins I just pulled from the oven!


  1. Love the Olde Towne quilt. It lives up to its name!
    Nice job on the Log Cabin quilt. I don't want to sound whiny, but missed a back shot. : )

  2. Wh gorgeous quilts and of course the quilting is just stunning. Love the Log Cabin design and have never made one apart from a small wall hanging. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and muffin. I am having a great tine working on christmas ornaments to put away in my gift box

  3. Love your quilting in the log cabin.

  4. lovely makes and beautifully quilted. Especially admire the log cabin as though it is a straight forward block unless the seams are 100% accurate it looks a mess,I know |I have messed a block up! the feathers on the white work beautifully

  5. Wow , wow , wow ... you can not say more ...
    A fabulous job , especially the log cabin with embroidered ... you gave him a light, and a very special effect .... as always very good ...
    Good my sweet friend ... Sunday 's raining !!!
    A hug and a kiss
    Love et bisous Ve

  6. More beautiful quilts!! Just amazing!! Hope you enjoyed the muffins!

  7. Loving the log cabin. Your quilting spot on! Nice photos past the plants to the quilt hanging on the dark wall. I struggle to find a good place to hang large quilts.
    Muffins look scrumptious too!

  8. HOpe your muffin was as good as your quilting!

  9. All beautiful Leeanne, especially love the cushion you have made using left over panels. Wish I could reach into the screen & grab one of your tasty muffins.

  10. WOW your quilting is once again sensational
    There are so many talented people out there aren't there

  11. I do hope you helped yourself to two muffins!!