Friday, June 24, 2016

Home and Heart Redwork Quilt....................................

Hi there quilt lovers, I have another beautiful quilt to share with you today as well as two cushion tops with funky 'carnival' type lettering! First lets start with Veron's Home and Heart redwork quilt.

This is a Bird Brain Design that Veron decided to stitch out in 'Hugs & Kisses' Cottage Garden Thread Veron requested cross hatching over her stitcheries which I do with a fine thread that blends and gives texture.

                       The quilt measures: 73" x 73" and as usual is beautifully executed.
Veron likes to give me creative licence for the quilting but I do like to touch base from time to time.
Hopefully you can see in the following photo's the swirl quilting I completed on the red and cream 'sashing' fabric, not much was really going to show on this fabric, so my aim was to create texture.

All the cream fabric, including the one used for the stitchery blocks have a beautiful pearly finish. The border was the perfect place to nestle in some feathers! The batting is Matilda's Own Polyester.

Next are two fun and funky cushion tops. Kerryn made these as shop samples for The Country Yard.
I quilted the edges of the applique lettering instead of the edges having blanket stitch.

     The two cushions were loaded on my machine together on the same backing fabric and batting.

I attempted videoing my quilting process of these swirls with a fit of giggles! I have decided yes women can multi task, but Leeanne CANNOT video AND quilt at the same time! You will have to settle for the photo's.............perhaps Simon can be trained to video??
Here's one letter before the quilting......................................

And after the quilting...............................................

Thank you Veron and Kerryn!


  1. Love Veron's quilt and as usual your quilting is stunning. Liking the quilting design on the 'laugh' cushion, of course, design on 'Family' is nice too. !!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful job on the redwork quilt. Love that style of feather you used in the border.

  3. Beautiful redwork quilt there Leeanne, I think I really like the stitcheries quilted over ... tho I know not everyone does. The two cushion tops look great ... my fave is the family one - I like the muted background fabric. So does that mean that the letter are just ironed on & then you do the rest ??

  4. love how you have quilted this, I made it and it is going to be used to raise funds for the hospice Helen works for wish I had seen your quilting first I did the bare minimum by hand

  5. Always makes me happy to visit and see what lovely quilts you are working your magic on.

  6. Beautiful work once again Leeanne and amazing quilt,

  7. Gosh Veron's pile of quilts for you to finish was a beautiful one wasn't it?! Her latest is no exception and looks gorgeous.