Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rounding up the week.....................................

This is Nicki's joyous and cheerful quilt ready to be gifted to her first grandchild soon to arrive.

Creating movement and air was my first quilting objective, I believe I nailed that with the swirls. Nicki has done lovely satin stitch on all the applique shape edges.

An echoed ripple works as a nice border finish. Thank you Nicki, enjoy being a grandmother!

Next is Pam's Turn Twenty quilt made from a bundle of fat quarters that called her name and she just had to buy them! Anyone else know that feeling?

These photo's are all taken inside due to the visiting rain......once again! Swirls again but with feathers on the outer edges of the swirls.

All the quilting is done free hand on my Gammill Classic long arm machine. The pattern on the border fabric is a 'stipple' pattern, so after a few moments trying to decide what on earth to quilt out there, I thought use the fabric as your guide, so stipple it was!

Such a pretty backing fabric! Pam asked me to attach her binding so all she needs to do now is snuggle on a comfy chair near the log burner with a nice cuppa and stitch that binding down!

When the sun was out in full force on Tuesday Simon made the most of working on his tan :-)


  1. Ha ha--love Simon's "tan".
    You did get the air and movement just right on that first quilt. Wonderful job!
    And I love that feathered swirl on the second quilt. I attempted it years ago on a small quilt, but haven't revisited it. Maybe I should. It is so pretty.

  2. Love the balloon quilt and you nailed the movement with the swirls. I love using the feather swirl pattern and it looks good on Pam's quilt. Time for the rain to go away again!

  3. Those balloons are fab, and your quilting is perfect for the quilt.We also have rain here, but not cold at all, a good day to be inside and at the machine.

  4. Beautiful fresh colours in that balloon quilt Leeanne - great quilting as always :-) Yes raining here again - lovely to see Simon making an appearance, busy with his stressfull life !!!!

  5. Lovely quilt for a baby and your quilting is super. I think we should follow Simons's lead next time the sun is out!

  6. Great results. You nailed the right look for the ballon quilt.

  7. Isn't that balloon quilt fun, and great choice of quilting designs. That basic quilt layout could easily be adapted to many different themes.

  8. Two lovely quilts Leeanne. The swirls are perfect for the balloon quilt - what a lovely gift that will be. And I'm sure I recognise some of those fabrics in Pam's quilt - it turned out great!

  9. Love the balloon quilt! One lucky grandchild! Great quilting.