Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wrapping up the quilting week and a bit of last week too........................

Hi there friends! Nice to have you back for another visit to see what I have been up to. Quilting and a bit of tramping and of course other life necessities, that's what's been happening!

The first quilt to share is Sue's, lovingly made for one of her granddaughter's who is soon to marry a man from Turkey. I think Sue did well to add some touches of Turkey through the quilt.

Sorry no full photo, much too soggy and wet to be taking quilts outside at the moment. The bulk of the quilt is made with creams and whites, then Sue added the strips of the richly colourful 'Turkey' fabric. She asked for an edge to edge design and chose 'Pashmini' and she also chose the Maderia AeroQuilt thread in the following shades top and bobbin:

The quilt measures a rather large : 88" x 107". I'm sure it will be well loved and treasured throughout the years.

The next quilt is also one of Sue's. A cute little ( 42" x 44") one made for a special little girl for her first birthday.
Edge to edge pattern : "Butterflycharm", thread Gunold in softly pinks - white.

                          You can see the butterfly's on the pretty backing quite nicely.

      Next is Gaynor's Chateau Hexagon quilt. A Lynette Anderson' button Mystery from 2015.

These are sweet little quilts with so much charm and interest with the stitchery, applique and the finishing touch of the hand painted buttons, which Gaynor will add now the quilting is complete. Gaynor ask for light custom quilting.

Adding a few quilted flowers in between the beautifully hand stitch flowers added a point of difference and dimension.

At 26" x 37" this makes for a perfect wall hanging in an entrance way or a sewing room. Below is a photo of the back.................................

Last weekend I did a couple of small tramps and spotted a few photo worthy opportunities that had me stop and take my phone out to snap a shot.

And this as I came round the corner................ a scramble under the fallen tree then a quick phone call to the council to alert them.

 That was part of last week and part of this week, I hope your's was interesting and productive?


  1. I like both pantos, but the custom quilting always takes the cake! : )

  2. Lovely to see what you've been up to Leeanne... good on Gaynor with her Chateau Hexagon!!

  3. Lovely quilting. Lucky you weren't under that tree when it came crashing down.

  4. More beautiful quilts and quilting! Very lucky the tree didn't come down as you walked by. Love the fern frond photo.

  5. Yet more wonderful quilts & quilting on them Leeanne. Gaynors Chateau Hexagon is beautiful - I have seen this quilt on a few blogs. I absolutely LoVE the way you have added those flowers to her embroidered ones ... just perfect.

  6. More gorgeousness to drool over! Love a nice wander out in nature xx