Tuesday, September 6, 2016

quilts for siblings............................

Four of them! Two sisters and two brothers from the same family all needing quilts and made so with the loving hands of Elizabeth.
The quilts for the girls are the same design just a different accent colour. To save on costs we used the same backing, batting, thread and edge to edge (panto or all over quilting) design.

I loaded both quilts on the long arm machine together and quilted them together, it worked well.

Both quilts measure 50 inches square, have Matilda's Own Polyester batting and Glide thread "Linen", the edge to edge pattern is called "Butterfly Charm".

                   I love this feathery quilt backer, which was just wide enough!

Next loaded in the same manner as the girls quilts were the two quilts for the boys. Different quilts but the same backing, batting, thread and edge to edge pattern.
Even though Cooper's quilt had his name appliqued on, Elizabeth thought it a good idea to stitch over it to help the urge to 'pick' the lettering off..........perhaps a wise choice!

Stars and Loops worked well for both these quilts. The backing fabric was a lovely olive green, sadly that fabulous colour didn't show up in the photo.
Thanks so much Elizabeth, I'm sure your honorary grandkids will love these quilts!

On Sunday I headed off to Rangitoto Island, fabulous weather, great views and a nice day out.
The link I shared has a nice video of the island and it's attractions.

The view of the summit (259mtrs above sea level) looking back after we climbed to the top. The photo below is from the summit looking out over to Auckland city.

We had some fun walking/ crawling through the lava caves............................................

I was amazed at the scatterings of old baches on the island, some were so cute with wild freesia's filling the air with their beautiful scent.

As we arrived back to catch the ferry back to Devonport, the heavens opened up with heavy rain!


  1. Thank you so much Leeanne. The backing fabrics are perfect. Love the shade of green. I had better get busy and bind them so we can deliver them to the children

  2. That is a lot of quilting!! Great that the rain held off until you got back on the ferry.

  3. Great that you could load them on together Leeanne. Lovely job Elizabeth has done ... some lucky recipients there. I have that Moto X fabric in the corner of the boys quilt. Your tramping trip photos are wonderful.

  4. Plain and simple quilts, but were made to be loved and snuggled under while watching tv/ sitting in the lounge. One boy is into trains big time and I loved the train fabric and didn't want to cut it up small. Looks like you had a great day out Leeanne. Love the good old Kiwi batch

  5. That butterfly panto is very pretty.
    You have such lovely places to hike, Leeanne!

  6. Looks like Elizabeth has been a busy lady, and made some lovely quilts which I'm sure will be well loved. Funny that you should have walked up Rangitoto island... I lived in Auckland for 19yrs and never made the trip. Although we did visit some of the other islands in the bay.

  7. Lucky children! It's great that you could sit two side by side to do the quilting. Fabulous view of Auckland from the summit of Rangitoto, sadly I have never explored over there.

  8. hi, the quilts look so good,you've done a fabulous job!..love the feathery backing fabric..would you know the name of it? thanks sue~NZ

  9. Well done Elizabeth on her quilt making - four finishes is great! - and good to be able to quilt them the way you did. Looks like you really enjoyed your hike - and you had nice weather too!

  10. SO you don't only go walking and climbing you crawl through caves too? Rangitoto looks pretty good. Love dinky old baches and freesias, did you pick a bunch? Loving your photos Leeanne.

  11. Elizabeth has made wonderful quilts, so good you could load them on together...much quicker. Loved your photos of Rangitoto...love the old baches, just says wonderful holidays....we have wild freesias here too, have a big bunch on the kitchen bench, their perfume is just wonderful!! Not too sure about the caves though!!