Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to September!

Well September is nearly over! Time sure is ticking by, the big "C" word is looming!
 I have three lovely quilts to share, all quite different but all made with love and the world can do with more of that.

First up is Jill's "Life is Beautiful" which is a Helen Stubbings design. Jill asked for an all over quilting design (a.k.a: edge to edge, E2E, panto) , as Jill lives in the South Island she left it up to me to choose a pattern, I went for "Papillon", Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and Glide thread in the colour Bone.

                             Jill even made a cool pieced backing with the leftovers!

Next is the fun quilt Angela made for her granddaughter. Angela also asked for an all over quilting design, but came by to choose a pattern herself and the thread.

Measuring 70" x 86". Angela chose "Camelia's" for the pattern and Glide thread in the colour Cardinal. Angela had her own black batting and fun backing fabric.

                                   And for the backing.........................................

Last for this post but certainly not least is Cat's quilt, lovingly pieced from a huge scrap collection!

Measuring : 77" square featuring many scraps, some I recognise from earlier quilts I have quilted for Cat. The choice of straight lines in the "crosses" using red thread and the newspaper prints I took the liberty of quilting swirls to bring some curves into a quilt that would have otherwise been dominated by straight lines.

                              Cat chose cotton batting and a fabulous RED backing fabric!

                          Thank you Jill, Angela and Cat for allowing me to quilt for you.

Some of my customers ask for the full "Quiltmekiwi" service which is to make and attach binding, what I noticed on one recent job was what happen to my cutting board...................

I cut right through the board! Yikes! Perhaps I have a heavy hand or they just don't make things like they use to? I am sticking with the second theory!


  1. You have some great pantos--I really like that Camelia.
    I think the swirls in the squares of the last quilt made a nice addition to all of the straight lines, as you said.
    Wow, had you just put in a new blade when you made that cut or were you bearing down on an old blade to make it cut through layers--or none of the above? : )

  2. Good morning Leeanne ... some more fabulous quilts & quilting - you sure are churning them out quick smart. That scrappy one of Cats looks like little tiny squares - very cute. Looks like a new cutting mat is called for ?? Where is the supervisor today??

  3. Lovely as always. Can't believe you cut through your cutting board. Good day to be at the machine withal the rain we are having. Yes the big 'C' is looming which is a bit scary.

  4. The Making of quilts with love and thought is so special .....all three are lovely Leeanne, with your special touch creating a beautiful finish and yikes did you go through to the table as well!!! xxxx

  5. 3 lovely quilts I love scrap ones and this is a very good one the stitchers must all be delighted with how you have transformed their flimsies

  6. Keeping busy I see and gorgeous quilts :-) Cat's sure is a scrappy delight... and the hats have made a fun quilt for Angela's grand-daughter! Looks like time for a new cutting board..!

  7. I love the scrap quilt!!! Beautiful quilting Leeanne, I like the sound of the wool/polyester batting.

  8. Cats quilt is awesome, lots of work there with all those tiny scraps. Trust you to mention the 'c' word!! Lets hope the carols don't start being played too soon.