Thursday, December 15, 2016

As the year winds down, why does everything feel so wound up?

That's a question to ponder. Why does there seem to be a rush and almost panic when I head to town for my usual shopping? People driving like there's no tomorrow, shopping like they think the world is ending and they won't get bags of potato chips anymore!

Anyhow you can visit with me awhile for calm and a look at a pretty quilt................
Gillian's charm quilt for a grandchild is ready to have the binding attached and gifted with love. Gillian asked for the all over quilting design (edge to edge quilting -e2e) "Splash" as that is the pattern she had last time and she loves it!

The quilting is over Matilda's Own polyester batting and the variegated thread is by Superior - Fantasico called "Playhouse"..........which is a perfect name for a child's quilt! I had the perfect backing, a lovely vibrant blue with little swirls. Thank you Gillian.

A sneak peek of the lovely quilt I am working on at the moment, my Facebook page will have follow on sneaky peeks if you are interested.

Most of you know I work one day a week at The Country Yard, my local quilt shop, well one of our visiting fabric reps - Claudia was retiring so a special gift was made by the four of us "Country Yard Girls".

Store owner Kerryn and Raewyn and Bernice completed the sweet little stitcheries and pieced the top together leaving me with my part: the quilting and completing the construction of the cushion.

I loaded the cushion front and backs together and quilted fairly simple classic quilting, straight lines and a bit of stipple and of course feathers! You can see in the next photo the two back pieces that I did a rambling feather over both pieces.

When all the quilting was completed I sliced the three sections to their correct sizes, attached binding to the back pieces made button holes, sewed the front and back pieces together, sandwiching the prairie points in between, then stitched on the buttons and binding on the edge of the cushion.
Raewyn made this cute label from a re-purposed doiley, sweet aye!

The cushion was made with a new range of Tilda fabrics. I have been told Claudia was delighted with her special gift!

I have had my Christmas tree and decorations up for a week now and thought you might enjoy a look-see.............................

My Santa display, the next photo is taken at night with the fairy lights shinning merrily!

My upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling, why you ask? Because I can....simple!

              Christmas is even in the bathroom...........ok so I'm bringing out my inner child!

I enjoying seeing all the very special decorations made by friends, myself but the ones I love the best are the ones my kids have made over the years, the chewed bauble - my son asks why I don't throw it away? Because it's special, so it's got a hole in it? So what, it symbolises life, us as humans, we aren't perfect are we, we have our faults, our 'holes'.

Lynette Anderson's 'Christmas Fun'
Gail Pan's 'All Things Christmas'

Gail Pan's 'A Merry Christmas'
So with that completed, there is still a bit more quilting to be done before I take a small break over the Christmas/New Year period. Thanks for stopping by, be calm, stay safe.......................and remember there are plenty of bags of potato chips at the supermarket! :-)


  1. LOL--great post, Leeanne!
    "Splash" is a really fun design. Makes a lovely texture on a quilt.
    You ladies made a lovely gift for the retiring rep. Now will every other rep want to retire and receive one? : )
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas decor. LOVE the tree!! How long have you been doing that?
    I sneak a little bit of the season into the bathrooms, too.

  2. Well now I am not too sure .... are you SURE they arent going to run out of potato chips Leeanne ???!!! Great post ... beautiful quilt but Oh that cushion you girls made up ... one lucky Rep is all I can say!! I nearly broke my neck when I realised that was Tilda fabrics too :-) Your christmas displays are looking gorgeous as always my friend x x

  3. A lovely post for this time of year and I do agree with your post heading!! The cushion you've all made for Claudia is a beauty and one to be treasured always. Seeing your Christmas decorations in these photos has spurred me on to hunt mine out this afternoon. I think my next post will be my last for this year, lots going on!! Happy Christmas!

  4. Lol! The same thoughts go through my head too! Why? Beautiful quilt and I do love your decorating. Enjoy your break x

  5. an upside down christmas tree that is a first for me but as you are down under very appropiate! Loving the cushion and can certainly see Raewyn`s stitchery on it such a talented stitcher. Great quilt oo

  6. Love the upside down christmas tree too!! Geat idea! I don't understand the rush and panic either, the shops are open most days, it isn't like they are closed for a week. Love the cushion, your Country Yard girls are very clever.

  7. Claudia was delighted with her cushion - it came up really nicely :-) The panto on Gillian's quilt is a lovely design. Nice to see your decorating...ours has made a start but with kiddies coming on Monday we will soon have it all up!

  8. Just love your comments on rushing to get things done Leeanne....why do we leave it all till just before Christmas?? The cushion is beautiful and the quilt for a special (as they all are!) grand child will be treasured I'm sure. Hugs xxxxx

  9. Your cushion looks amazing - I'm sure it will be loved! I know what you mean about Xmas craziness... it is like the world is going to end. Merry Xmas Leeanne... catch up with you in the new year!

  10. I love that splash quilting design. Yes the country does go mad at Christmas - they need to educate people in shopping for it throughout the year, so there are not the crowds and agonisingly indecisive people walking around the malls. I have no tree up , think I'm a little bit of a grinch this year.

  11. I so hear you on that utter madness that has gripped the majority of people. I am so pleased I got my act together and have everything done that needed to be done before the BIG DAY!!! Enjoy your break and have a lovely Christmas in the SUNSHINE!!!!!!