Saturday, February 11, 2017

A quilting I will into the sunset...................

Hello! Yes I am still here..................I have been chained to my machine and two quilts is all I can show for it! Too many secret quilts, mind you they say good things take time don't they? So without further-a-do the quilts.
First is another of Kim's fairy quilts for one of her granddaughters.

A sweet fairy panel with several rounds of borders to bring the panel up to a larger size. Kim choose her favourite Matilda's own batting of a wool/poly mix. I used 'Butterflycharm' for the edge to edge quilting pattern and Fantasico thread in the colour 'Unicorn'.

The backing was nearly perfect.....................................P.S if you are having a touch of "deja vu" it's because just before Christmas I quilted another one for Kim the same!

Next is a sweet quilt made by Donna for a nephew soon to be born. Donna asked for the same quilting as the pattern: Shwin & Shwin Fox Quilt and cotton batting.

Donna tells me she will attach or embroider eyes, well done Donna saving that until after the quilting!

When Donna posted me the quilt she included fabric to make and attach the binding for her as well as a super yummy backing fabric, a soft muted beige with abstract diamond shapes, the same as the binding.

That's it for customer quilting, all that I'm allowed to share for the moment, although you may have been seeing sneak peeks of on Facebook and Instagram :-)

Remember the black n' white jelly roll quilt I was working on in the holidays? Well I did manage to finish that, it's now in my gift box already for it's new home.

Super happy with the turnout of this one, I think the green zinger on the first border and the peeper on the flange binding make this quilt.

It's difficult to see the edge to edge quilting pattern but it's called 'Resplendent' over a black blend batting with Glide black thread and black backing fabric.

      If you missed the post with the video on to make this flange binding here it is again!

At my last post - three weeks ago! - I mentioned I was heading off on a tramping adventure and it was an adventure up to and around Cape Reinga!

We were shuttled to Spirits bay where we had lunch then tramped (kiwi talk for hiking) to Pandora campsite where we pitched tents for the night then promptly got eat alive by the worlds largest population of mosquito's! Thankfully when we left there that was the last of them, save a few that survived being rolled up inside our tents! From here we headed to Tauputoputo campsite.

Another night in tents then saw us off to the lighthouse at Cape Reinga..........................................

that's me on the outside right with the red pack

From here we headed to Twilight beach campsite, our last night. Somewhere from here to the last camp I lost my sunhat :-(

Once at the beach and the tents were up, dinner eaten and a wash under the tap as the ocean was far too rough to have a swim in I sat and watched the sun go down...........magic!
Next morning up and off at 7.30am to TePaki stream then a 3km walk upstream to be picked up again ready for our 4 hour drive home. A total of 42km's and a lifetime of memories.


  1. What a gorgeous looking tramp. I love love your finished quilt, the lime just makes it spectacular

  2. I love your black/white/green quilt. There is going to be one lucky person who will receive this quilt. What a great tramping trip you had.

  3. The zing of green in the black/white quilt really makes the quilt come alive! I love black and white, but it surprised me what a difference that little bit of color made.
    Your tramping looks and sounds really wonderful!

  4. a great collection of quilts especially liking the black and white one, I am collecting black and white at the moment for a quilt for my granddaughter`s 21st in 2019. Trip looks fun though I am not a camper fan

  5. Love the fairy quilt!! Great colours. The fox quilt is very cute too. Your black and green quilt is amazing Leeanne. That tramp looks wonderful, not so good with all those mosquitos!!! Amazing place to watch the sunset. Hope to see it one day.

  6. That last photo is stunning. The mere thought of walking that far makes me go weak, well done you!!!

  7. Spirits Bay, we were there and at Te Paki Stream in 1968!! Yes, those mossies, our daughter had the hugest lumps ever after so many bites, and they all swelled up again after she ate shellfish weeks later!!! Looks a fantastic place to be, and lots warmer than what we have had down here.

  8. Well done on your tamp from the photos looks like everyone enjoyed it and the weather was great...bummer about the hat!! And great that you are back into quilting although it has been very very hot! xxxxx

  9. Some gorgeous quilts as usual Leeanne the butterflies you have quilted into the fairy one. Your black white one turned out great. Amazing scenery on your tramps - gosh that sure is one HUGE pack on your back in that photo !!!

  10. Yay, the green (oh and black and white) one got finished! Looks terrific. The mozzies up north are huge - I met a few while pig hunting amongst the native bush. We used to spend a lot of time up by Te Paki stream, and camping on Ninety Mile. Wouldn't be keen to walk it though! Good on you - and I'm sure your pack is big enough for a dead body.

  11. Sounds like a fabulous time away Leeanne - I love that last photo! Sounds like the quilting is keeping you waaaaaay busy too :-)

  12. Lovely fairy quilt, and your black and white quilt is amazing with the lime linings! Like the fabric with letters also.
    What a nice time you spend at Cape Reinga, as always amazing Nw Zealand nature and nice photo's!
    Love, Cisca

  13. Hi Leeanne ,wow an amazing place,what a wonderful experience.
    Love all the quilts,your FMQ is beautiful.