Saturday, February 25, 2017

Secret Saturday!

Hello friends and quilt lovers, glad you could make it back for a visit. I'm pleased to share some quilts that have been secrets for a few weeks, only the odd sneak peek here and there that is until now!
The lovely quilt store where I work one day a week had it's annual 'New Years Launch' today. (even though we are well into the New Year, the girls need time to make all the lovely goodies)

First from this pile is "Block" from the Growing up Modern book. Kerryn, shop owner extraordinaire asked for the  same quilting as featured in book for this one.

Looks a bit like giant Lego blocks don't you think? I used Fantastico thread in the colour 'Playhouse'.
Kerryn also had me attach the binding completely by machine.

A snippet of the backing...........................................

Next is the second quilt for the shop, from the same book, "The Colour Block Quilt. This time Kerryn went for edge to edge quilting.

I chose 'Turbulence' using Glide thread in the colour 'Linen', once again Kerryn asked for a full binding service.
And the back...........................

The last one (for today, more another day) is an inspirational piece, made just for that purpose to inspire, sometimes when you see bolts of fabric in a range something needs to be made so the customers can really see the fabrics.

Kerryn asked for 'organic' cross hatching and the full binding treatment. There a some super cute fabrics in this range, called 'Darling Little Dickens' soft and muted.

So there are three quilts I have another two to share soon. I will leave you with a couple of photo's of my last adventure out tramping. See you again soon!

A dipping of feet as we wove our way back and forth over this stream.

Fancy rustling up a gourmet meal in the 'rustic' -rusty oven?


  1. wow that hut has seen better days!!! The stove looks like it would make the hut burn down. The mattresses certainly need to be in that fire

  2. More beautiful inspirational quilts Leeanne and your quilting is wonderful. Nice looking stream , not so sure about the hut!!!!

  3. Love the quilts and the quilting. I need to make my grandson a big boy quilt and thought I would make him a lego quilt as he is obsessed with these building blocks. Like the one you show....still looking for a good pattern.

  4. I had an awesome time this morning! It's been a while since I've had a morning to myself just fondling fabric. Loved seeing all your beautiful work.

  5. Thought of you today Leeanne ... with the launch at your favourite shop. Hope it all went well. Some verrry gorgeous quilts there, but that Darling Little Dickens fabric - OH MY .... sooo beautiful. Shame about that dodgy hut.

  6. Wow, and the quilting makes a perfect finish.. Beautiful muted fabrics in the last one.

  7. Very nice, simple quilts, made lovely with your quilting of them.
    Love the photo of the stream! I'll pass on cooking in that contraption. : )

  8. Hi Leeanne,wow these quilts are amazing.

  9. And didn't they look good hanging side by side in the shop?! Lovely NZ scene, it would have been a nice tramp on a hot summer's day!

  10. Great day on Saturday... looked like lots of happy ladies! As always, very enjoyable and nice to catch up, even if it was only for a few minutes!