Thursday, March 16, 2017

Michelle's Gingerbread Village

Hello again for the second time this week! I am back to share Michelle's second quilt that I custom quilted for her.

Once again Michelle gave me free range on this quilt. What fun I had, have I said I love my job?

Measuring 62" x 72" purchased as a BOM through Shabby Fabric's Michelle asked for cotton batting.

All the seams were pressed open so unfortunately I was unable to stitch in the ditch, something I always feels needs to be done for custom quilting, it sharpens the whole look of the quilt, from applique to the piecing.

Even though this is a Gingerbread Village it has a wintery look to it so I figured falling snow would look good.

                      A holly leaf border worked so well.............the backing is holly fabric too!

Seen enough? It's a beauty of a quilt, has me hankering for winter! It's coming right? Meanwhile with all the quilting going on there has been an on looker from the stairs..........what IS he thinking?



  1. Oh my goodness that quilt is gorgeous! I love how you have quilted it. I think you may have a furry little "quality control officer" lol!

  2. Beautiful Leeanne ... would look stunning with a display of gingers would'nt it!!?? I did not know that about the seams being pressed open ... you cant stitch in the ditch?? Pleased to see Simon making an appearance again - a nice cosy spot where he can watch over you.

  3. It obvious that you love your job--your skill and enthusiasm give you away!
    This is such a "sweet" (pun intended) and fun quilt.
    I rarely press seams open--even when a pattern calls for it, because I, too, love the look of stitch-in-the-ditch!

  4. what a beauty think this must be in my top 10 of quilts.

  5. That is one amazing quilt and y I ur quilting is beautiful Leeanne. Simon is doing his best to be inscrutable!! Lol!!

  6. A gorgeous quilt - that custom quilting suits it so well!

  7. Simon me old mate, where have you been, and what are you thinking? Not a lot probably or he is plotting some mischief!!