Saturday, April 8, 2017

Marcelle's two quilts.......................

Hello and welcome back to my little sharing space of some quilty pleasure. Today we can share together in two quilts both made by Marcelle, both very different. The first one was purchased through the ever popular 'Block-of-the-month' system.

"In My Garden" is a design by The Birdhouse put together by The Country Yard. Marcelle took her time stitching and piecing this pretty quilt in between other quilts.

Measuring 40" x 46" polyester batting, free hand custom quilting as well as some ruler work using Glide threads.

Silly me didn't take a photo of the back! It was pieced with some of the left over fabrics, I think Marcelle is on a mission like so many of her fellow quilt makers to rid the cupboards of scraps! You will notice in her next quilt she tried extremely hard to accomplish just that.............but failed she tells me!

Measuring a whopping 100" square this and the scrappy backing still has Marcelle left with more scraps!

Marcelle chose and edge to edge design called 'Feather Me' I used Glide thread in the colour 'Military Gold' as it was the best to blend over so many colours. The pattern of the quilt design is called SCRAPPY X PLUS. The backing is delightfully scrappy too!

All this scrappiness made me pull out one of the many flimsys I have lurking around waiting to be quilted.

 'Strippy Classic' - although the name Scrappy Strippy Classic is growing on me! I started this back in is now quilted, just waiting on the binding and label fairy to swoop down on my house! I shall report back with full photo's when she has been :-)

Last weekend saw me once again head out into the hills and the bush.......Maungatapere Mountain and Crevices.

The start

Giant Hammock style spiderwebs

Squeezing through the 'Mammogram Crevice'


  1. Mammogram crevice! Ha!
    Love both those quilts, so different but equally nice. Love the pattern you've used on the scrappy one to quilt. Just beautiful.

  2. Sweet little stitched designs on that first quilt. I really like that outer border design you used!
    Strippy Classic is a great quilt--and when that fairy gets finished with it, send her my way, please!!
    Just had my mammogram last week, so I can say that crevice seems very aptly named! : )

  3. A huge quilt indeed!I look forward to seeing the photos of your Scrappy Strippy when your "visitor" has been. I have to say you are a braver one than I squeezing through the crevice - makes me shiver looking at the photo!

  4. What a lovely quilt "In my garden" is and love your chouce if quilting designs. Really like the cross hatch

  5. loving in my garden, must look for the pattern at the next quilt show I go to as have done 2 of theirs and on my 3rd one now. What an amazing backing makes for a fully reversible quilt

  6. Both quilts are really beautiful Leeanne - Marcelle has done such lovely work. I love the colours in the first one & the 2nd one that has used up so many scraps is just gorgeous. Your quilt looks wonderful blowing in the breeze on the line.

  7. Marcelles quilts are lovely. I think our scraps multiply when we aren't looking! I love your quilt its beautiful! I can see that name is very apt on your walk x

  8. Two beautiful quilts Leeanne and your quilting makes them more appealing. Boy Marcelle must have truck loads of scraps!! Hee hee had to giggle at the Mammogram Crevice!! What kind of spiders build those huge webs??? Puts me right back into a Lord of the Rings movie!!! EEkkkk!!! Apart from that it looked like an interesting walk!!

  9. gorgeous quilting. I love that you are into tramping. I am starting that life again with baby steps

  10. Great to see Marcelle's In My Garden finished! ANd her scrappy goodness is full of scrappy goodness! Nice that you have pulled out your own yummy scrap quilt; am looking forward to see it in its completed glory :-) Sure looks like you have had an adventurous time with your tramping!! I used to love caving - but haven't done that for a LONG time!

  11. Wow Marcelle has been busy, good feeling to get something finished and your quilting really finishes off both quilts. I havent walked Maungatapere mountain so must do one day!! Not sure about squeezing through the wee space though. xxxx