Monday, May 15, 2017

Whimsical, Whisper and Mothers Day....................

The theme of my custom quilting "week - or - so"  has been whimsical and feathery.........rather nice!
Lois asked if I could please custom quilt this pretty stitchery sampler for her. I emailed a couple of border ideas for her to choose from even though Lois was happy for me to make the quilting choices.

Lois chose the whimsical feathers for her border so that choice paved the way for the rest of the quilting.................sometimes I work like that, from the border inwards!

The centre stitchery block was too large to leave un quilted so some more whimsical quilting was well suited. The quilt measures 37" x 43" and Lois chose cotton batting.

Thank you Lois. Next up is the sweet little cot quilt Jenny made to take to Scotland for a family member.

I love this panel, so much so that I asked Jenny to buy me one for me if she sees another one like it. Anyhow Jenny wanted edge to edge quilting (aka: E2E or all over quilting) I went with a new panto pattern I had called "whisper" and used Fantasico thread in the colour ' Silverado'. As the quilt is going to Scotland Jenny chose wool batting.

This is such a strange photo because the backing fabric that Jenny supplied is Navy, but look at the photo it looks mauve! Anyhow you can see the fun quilting pattern.

Sunday was Mothers Day and here in Whangarei it was magic weather, perfect for tramping!

A nice leisurely walk up Mt Manaia then back down the opposite side through an old possum trapping track out into farmland. That part was not quite so leisurely!

How was your Mothers Day?


  1. Fantastic centre whimsies, and the panel, what a beauty. Off to Scotland, I send heaps of good wishes to go with it, as my Mum was born there. A special place in my heart yesterday.

  2. I especially love the way you quilted around the stitchery block. Very effective!
    My Mother's Day was not nearly as adventurous as yours was. What a gorgeous view!

  3. Your customers sure do keep you busy Leeanne! I too like the way you quilted the stitchery centre of Lois's quilt. ANd you are right, that panel is too cute!

  4. Gosh you sure do get to work your magic on some stunning quilts Leeanne - both those are beautiful. Yes that panel is cute alright.

  5. Lovely quilting to compliment the stitchery! And yes, a very cute panel!

  6. That panel sure is cute and what a lovely day to climb Mt Mania well done!!
    Mothers day for me was special as we got to babysit our lovely grandson for the weekend, what a treat!! Hugs xxx

  7. Lovely quilting once again, on very nice quilts, looks like a fantastic day for tramping.

  8. Wow leanne that is one steep hill!!! I love the top quilt, the centre quilting had me oohing and aahhing and then you showed the feathers. Love love love it.