Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lesley and Lorraine's quilts

As I wait for yet another shower of rain to pass over so I can prune the last of my roses I remembered I had two quilts ready to share with you. First is Lesley's Kiwiana quilt called "Stripes and Four Patches" by Missouri Quilt Star

Measuring 73" x 84" Lesley wanted this quilt for her bed so she chose wool batting and an edge to edge design called "Rotorua" and also chose a nice blue backing fabric.

                        Isn't this quilt a great eye spy, snippets of kiwiana! Thank you Lesley.

Next is Lorraine's fun quilt made for one of her grandsons. This is an Amy Bradley design called 'Pirates'

                          Lorraine wanted light custom quilting and went with polyester batting.

This quilter did have fun with this quilt, although  there were times when I felt like she was being watched!

                                       Can you guess what Lorraine's grandson's name is??

Quilt backing spotlight moments......................................

                     Thank you Lorraine and Levi, lets hope you have many adventures together!
While I am sharing quilts made by people with names starting with "L" lets see one recently finished by me............................

A flashy photo - plenty of rain here lately so it's all inside photo's. This is the second scrappy medallion quilt I have made, the first one I gave away to charity, this one will also be gifted to a good cause.

It was a good chance to try out a new swirl. Swirls and feathers they have something in common - you can never have too many varieties! These are my plump swirls. Notice the larger centre to the swirl? Overall this gives a bobble effect to the quilt, quite pleasing.
Thank you for stopping by, I am ending this post with thoughts of the ugliness going on in USA and I like to imagine........................... while I prune the remainder of my roses.


  1. What lovely quilts every one of them

  2. Busy busy as ever Leeanne!! I saw that pirate quilt when I was down in Hawera ... a friend had made it for her grandson & it looked amazing. Your quilting is just wonderful. I have almost done my roses & yes it is pouring here AGAIN!!

  3. 3 beauties here. Like you lots of heavy shows but we have the sun inbetween them

  4. Quilting loveliness, and then The Pentatonix, wish it was true. Beautiful vocals.

  5. Always fun to see what you are quilting. That pirate quilt is super cute. Each shot had me smiling.
    Love the Pentatonix!

  6. Stripes and Four Patch is perfect for a scrap quilt, and the pirate quilt is a winner. Your quilting design is a hit again on this medallion, I think the effect on the surface of the quilt is magical.Thanks for sharing the video with us - what is gong to happen in the USA! Mentioning roses strikes fear into my heart because I still have a few to prune, hoping for another dry day!

  7. Good to see you are keeping busy, lots of lovely quilts for you to quilt. How many roses do you have to prune?

  8. Very nice selection of quilts Leeanne. Would you describe the quilting on the pirate quilt as light custom... or is it a bit more than light? Also, loving the scrappy medallion, amazing what you can achieve from scraps aye???

  9. Hope you got the roses done!! Love both quilts even though they are very different, the pirates are fantastic!! Love their faces. The Rotorua quilitng pattern is wonderful, nice to see s of mething Kiwi orientated.

  10. The pirate quilt is certainly wonderfully cute! Great quilting! My roses are still waiting...

  11. Three lovely quilts Leeann (can you tell I've got behind in my blog reading while we've been busy with cows and calves!!). The kiwiana one is vary effective, Rotorua sounds like an appropriate design! And the pirates are so much fun, I can imagine 'ahoy, m'heartie' going through your mind while you were quilting it! Your scrappy HST quilt is gorgeous too a neat design and a Great Use Of Scraps!!