Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer and Autumn........................

This was the feeling and look when I quilted Linda's 'Queen of the May' and Kerryn's 'Autumn Song' Quilts! Linda's quilt was fabulous to work on as there was rain, hail, wind and very dark sky's.............
Here's the 'before' quilting on Linda's quilt..............

photo from Linda

Now the 'after' quilting.........................

Linda asked for light custom quilting of this Kathy Doughty inspired quilt from Material Obsession.
Using Glide thread in the colours 'Military Gold' and 'Mocha' over wool/polyester batting I quilted what I am naming Vintage Feathers on the border and the background, then a series of curved lines, swirls, spirals and a bit of ruler work for some straight lines.

Isn't this a spot of sunshine on a cloudy day? Along with the quilt top Linda posted a sweet vintage sheet for the backing.

To see more of Linda's delightful quilt and her progress of making this quilt, please pop over to her blog for a look. If you type "Queen of the May" into her search bar (top left hand side) all the posts relating to this quilt will show up. Thank you Linda I look forward to collaborating with you again!

Next is Kerryn's 'Autumn Song' quilt made from a range of fabrics by One Sister Design's.

A panel bordered with pieced blocks made from the same fabric range. Look at that panel, looks just like crazy patch!

Again I was asked for light custom quilting, a simple meander over the panel, some loops or big e's and little e's and cross hatching on the pieced blocks.

This quilt was given the 'Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service'. To find this scrumptious panel and coordinating fabrics please see Kerryn and the team at The Country Yard. 

Non quilty news........Simon fans know how much he loves his Biscornu.......................

A small hole developed a couple of weeks back, but I have been so busy procrastinating about fixing it that is has grown into the perfect place for Simon to kneed into - purring like crazy and stuffing his head into!

What to do???


  1. I love what you have done with Linda's quilt, I immediately thought "sunshine on a cloudy day' with those stunning colours.

  2. Linda's quilt is certainly a ray of sunshine indeed! And your quilting has certainly added such depth and interest to it! I have had this quilt on my 'to-do' list for a long time! This one might be the push I need!

  3. Two more beautiful quilts, love the bright yellow in the first one, it really is a blast of sunshine!! Your quilting adds so much to both quilts Leeanne. Mmmmmmm Mr Simon!!!! He is obviously very happy with his work it possible to darn the hole? Or will thks pussycat feet just open it up again?

  4. Both gorgeous as always Leanne.

  5. I do like how you've quilted Linda's quilt, shows of her piecing beautifully. Poor Simon, does he need a new Biscornu ???

  6. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!


  7. Linda`s quilt looks very special and Autumn song I have not come across before really liking the central panel in it. Simon still loves his biscornu even if t has seen better days!

  8. Linda's quilt is beautiful. I'd be tempted to use it back to front to admire the quilting!

  9. Lovely to see Linda's quilt finished! The light quilting on it works a treat - I bet she is very pleased with it! Hmmm a very large button for the biscornu or maybe turn it over so the bottom is now the top...!

  10. wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!