Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quilted gifts and a half a zebra..................................

Hello from the chilly winterless north of New Zealand.......winter is hanging on! Now for what you came here to see, quilts............. I have two to share with you today. First is the hug quilt Cat made for a friend who is experiencing a tough time, there is nothing like a quilt to lift the spirits.

Measuring 50" x 57" a vintage sheet for the backing,'Butterfly Charm' all over quilting design (edge to edge quilting) and the Full Quiltmekiwi binding.

Next is the quilt Gaynor made for her nephew. Gaynor wanted this quilt to be soft and cuddly, so a gentle meander ticked that box.

Measuring 67" x 100" cotton batting and flannel backing fabric. Rachael Hyde had her design "Moving Forward" published in the Homespun magazine. A nice design for Gaynor's 17yr old nephew.

Soft flannel backing

Thank you Cat and Gaynor for letting me be part of your gift giving.

I had a small victory last night when I stitched the last piece of the front end of my running zebra in place! When I posted a photo on Instagram someone commented it looked like the zebra was coming through my door, see what you think........................


  1. Lovely quilts. Really like the buttergky quilting design. Yes the Zebra does look like ut is walking through the door

  2. Oh Yah.... That baby is heading in! Bringing a rainbow with him!.

  3. Gosh Cat sure does turn out some lovely quilts Leeanne ... Gaynors one is stunning too. But your zebra is so stunning & really does look at though it is coming in your door!!! Simon will have something to say about that ................

  4. Two lovely quilts all quilted, and that zebra is something else, a delight!

  5. It definitely looks as though it is coming through your door. Not winterless in Auckland, blinkin cold today!!

  6. What a special friend Cat is and the quilt looks cherry, warm and inviting, great job and the quilt Gaynor made for a nephew looks masculine with a splash of colour. Love Mr Zebra, he has moved in!!! xxxx

  7. LOL, Yes, the zebra is coming in through your door!
    Love the butterfly quilting. What a wonderful gift.