Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Merry Christmas to You!!..........................x two!

Hi there and welcome back to my quilting corner of the world. I'm not starting early on my Christmas greetings but I am starting on Christmas quilting. Last year when I was still working at The Country Yard  I sold the kits for these quilts, one to Kim and one to Jenny, who are friends and worked on these quilts together. I had a very special visit one day several weeks back from Kim and Jenny both with their finished quilt tops asking me to quilt them!

Here are both the girls quilts laid out for the photo shoot. Both wanted their quilts quilted like the shop sample that I had also quilted *see here*  except they didn't want the cross hatching on the stitchery blocks.

I quilted both quilts pretty much the same, with a few subtle differences between the two. I think they both did a fabulous job of these quilts especially considering neither of them have ever done piecing like this, applique, stitchery and Dresden Plates.

 Both wanted the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding service and a hanging sleeve. Although almost exactly the same they did chose different batting and backing fabrics.

Thank you so much Kim and Jenny, it was an absolute pleasure to be with you both on this journey from start until finish!


  1. These look great, love how your quilting makes the stockings etc POP!

  2. Didn't they do well Leeanne, two beautiful quilts, and your quilting looks sensational once again.

  3. They certainly are lovely quilts Leeanne, Gosh the girls did well if they have never done that kind of work before. A special christmas momento for them to hang up & enjoy that I am sure will be treasured.

  4. Gorgeous! Your quilting just makes those quilts!!

  5. For being new to so many of the techniques involved, those ladies did excellent work--as did you. :)