Sunday, October 22, 2017

Animal Quilts - series four

Time to share another two of Juliet's quilts from her book. Here's the Polar Bear hanging waiting to be posted back to Juliet in Christchurch.

Next are the Rhino's..........................................................

These guys ooze personality! Every time I quilt for Juliet her creations have me smiling, I love her choice of fabrics they add another dimension of interest.

       Sometimes it's all about creating texture to let the piecing and fabric come to the forefront.

          I have been enjoying my copy of this fabulous book, pondering which quilt to make first?

 In the mean time while I ponder, the book has given me the push I needed to finish my Running Zebra quilt (also a design by Juliet). Here's the Zebra finished, only borders to go then the quilting.

Me 'wrangling' the two halves together!

The last couple of days I spent on Ururpukapuka Island. Starting at Rawhiti kayaking over to the island. Setting up camp, but hiking to the highest peak of the island to sleep out under the stars.....that was spectacular! The next day we kayaked around the circumference of the island, exploring caves, watching wild life and picnic lunching on the beach. The last night wasn't that great to sleep out under the stars so in our tents we went. Then kayaked back over to Rawhiti to the vehicles.

                                Another confirmation how lucky I am to live in paradise!


  1. The animals, no words will suffice for the designs, the fabrics and the quilting. BRAVO!!! Urupukapuka Island, many, many years ago we stayed way up North and went in our jet boat out from Paihia. It looks a long way now, but in 1968, not a problem. Clearest water I have ever seen, and the largest number of varieties of fish below. This will be one place to stay in your memories forever.

  2. Congrats on quilting the quilts for Juliets book-never guessed that secret! Her quilts are great and your quilting is fantastic. Love your Zebra. one of the women I went to Christchurch with did Juliets class with the Zebra head and really enjoyed it. Sounds like a fantastic weekend camping.

  3. Those animal quilts defy adjectives. I am in awe--each one startled and delighted me. You have done the perfect quilting on the rhinos. Your zebra is incredible! Juliet is an outstanding designer!
    Your adventure looks and sounds thrilling!

  4. The rhinos are fabulous, I reckon you could just about have them as a reversible quilt, it looks so good from the back too.Your kayaking and hiking trip looks fabulous.

  5. Love the polar bear and the rhino, amazing quilting on them. The zebra you have done seems like it is quite a decent sized quilt too. Very busy. That nature escape looks amazing, lucky you being able to kayak to an island.

  6. Beautiful Leeanne ... gosh what a lot of pieces in your zebra quilt!! That would do my head in!! Your tramping pics look great too.

  7. So good to see Mr Zebra nearly finished, just love how Juliet can piece together all the different fabrics and with your quilting the animals seem to come to life!! Good afternoon for sewing, the day is not like the paradise photos above!! Hugs xxx

  8. The animals are just amazing Leeanne, your zebra is stunning. What a beautiful place to go tramping the sunset is beautiful.