Friday, October 6, 2017

Sue's quilts......................

Good morning, I am writing this post as the sun is coming up, I never tire of that glorious vista! Sue is one of my many customers that keep be busy and somewhat out of mischief :-)

Measuring 61" x 74" polyester batting and Glide thread in the colour "Brownie" E2E pattern: "Embossed Hearts". Sue pieced a backing....................

             Next this sweet quilt featuring many animals, Foxes, Owls, Bee's, Elephants and Cats.

Measuring 63" x 78" polyester batting Glide thread in the colour "Lava (bright orange!) E2E design: "Kites".

The backing fabric is the same as the border fabric..................................

Thank you Sue, whoever you gift these two quilts to I'm sure will welcome them with open arms.

Spring is spring in my garden, I have a hankering to get out there and scratch around in the soil.


  1. Two lovely quilts and did you get out and have a scratch around?

  2. What a busy beaver!!! Sue also has been busy love the wee fox pattern fabric.
    Hope you get time to scratch in the garden, the plants will be growing with this bit of warmth! Hugs xxx

  3. Great quilting on those lovely quilts. Down here, tulips are out, early cheer all finished, daffs too, cherry blossom, until the wind comes again. Vege plants started. And it is raining again this morning!!!

  4. Nice pantos for those quilts.
    I want to smell those flowers at the end. :)

  5. Super quilting! Don't you just love Wisteria with that delicious perfume sad they have such a short season. Hope you did manage to get out and scratch in the soil, I did a little of that today, felt so good after.

  6. That fox fabric is rather adorable in that quilt Leeanne. Just love them both. I hope you got your wish & managed to get out & "scratch around" in your garden. We have had no phone or internet all day & Gosh ... did I miss it !!!!!! :-(
    Ashamed to admit this !!

  7. I have just purchased a tall Wisteria to plant next to one of my arches, I will not tell how much it cost but I still have both kidneys!! Milk mans daughter huh??? mwhaahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Next time you are down let me take you to the Gardens.